Scientists convert used plastic bottles into vanilla flavoring says University of Edinburgh research | Vanilla flavor made from plastic waste for the first time in the world, it can be used in food and pharma industry

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  • Scientists Convert Used Plastic Bottles Into Vanilla Flavoring Says University Of Edinburgh Research

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  • Scientists from the University of Edinburgh experimented with E-coli bacteria
  • Said, the first example of making a valuable chemical from plastic waste

For the first time, scientists have created a vanilla flavor to be added to ice cream from plastic waste. Genetically modified bacteria have been used in its preparation.

Professor Joanna Sadler of the University of Edinburgh, who converts plastic to vanilla, says this is the first example of a valuable chemical being made from plastic waste.

Plastic waste is no longer useless
Stephen Wallace, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “Our research challenges the belief that plastic waste is a problem. It is a new source of carbon from which many products can be made.

How To Make Vanilla Flavor And How Much Use Is It?

  • According to research published in the journal Green Chemistry, scientists first changed the genome of E-coli bacteria. Then with the help of bacteria, the terephthalic acid prepared from plastic was converted into vanillin up to 79 percent.
  • Vanillin is used in cosmetics apart from food and drink. Apart from this, the pharma industry is also involved in the preparation of cleaning products and herbicides.
  • The demand for vanilla beans is increasing worldwide. In 2018, the demand was 37 thousand tonnes, which was much more than the supply. Due to its use in many products, its demand is high.
  • About 85 percent of the world’s supply of vanillin is produced from fossil fuels. The remaining 15 per cent is made by other means.

Only 14% of plastic is recycled
One million bottles are sold every minute in the world. Of this, only 14 percent is recycled. Currently, only clothes and carpets can be made from recycled bottles. But after the new discovery, now vanilla flavor can also be made.

Scientists who prepared vanillin believe that now large quantities of plastic waste can be worked on. The product prepared from this can also be used in perfume.

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