School Reopening News – How To Get Connected To Elearning Learning | What are the Government e learning platforms? And How To Access Them | 24 crore children in the country are not going to school for 6 months, studying at home online; Know what to read on which platform of e-learning


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  • 62% of the parents in the country still do not want to send their children to school due to fear of coronavirus
  • Experts’ suggestion- Children and parents have to pay attention whether the content being taught is credible or not

Coronavirus has the worst effect on children. According to UNESCO, it is difficult for more than 10 million girls in the world to return to school. According to data from the Ministry of Education, more than 24 crore children in India attend school. But, all these are not going to school since March.

According to the Local Circle Survey, 62% of the parents in the country still do not want to send their children to school for fear of Corona. In such a situation, children are forced to study online for a long time. Gradually they are getting used to it. However, parents’ difficulties have increased due to children not going to school.

Dr. Dhananjay Chopra, Head and Professor, Center of Media Studies at Allahabad University, says that I myself have been taking children’s online classes for a long time. After Corona, studying online is nothing short of a miracle for teachers and children. Because, before that we did not take the importance of this video technology so seriously. But now online platforms, e-learning websites and channels have made education very easy. There are many government and private platforms of e-learning available in India.

Parents and children need to pay attention to content credibility

Dr. Chopra explains that there are many platforms of e-learning and many teachers, so children and their parents should pay special attention to whether what is being taught to them is correct or not. Before starting any class or lecture in e-learning, information related to it should be shared with the children. So that children can also be mentally prepared.

Cannot research and experiment in e-learning

According to Dr. Chopra, the campuses of schools and colleges are necessary for research and experimentation. We cannot research and experiment in e-learning. In schools and colleges, we interact directly with children. The way a child needs, we are counseling him in the same way. All this is not possible in e-learning.

Which government platform on e-learning will be available?

  • Self- It is a national providing study material of 1900 courses covering both school (classes 11th to 12th) and higher education (undergraduate, postgraduate programs) in all subjects including Engineering, Humanities and Social Science, Law and Management courses. Online education platform is.
  • Self effect There are 32 such TV channels on D2H of this platform, which broadcast 24 hours of education related programs throughout the week. These channels can be seen through DD free dish and antenna across the country. These channels cover both schooling (class 19th to 12th) and higher education (undergraduate, postgraduate). These include classes on subjects like Art, Science, Commerce, Performing Art, Social Science, Technology, Law, Medical, Agriculture, Humanities.
  • Initiation- Under the initiation program, 80 thousand e-books prepared by CBSE, NCRT and States / UTs are available for 12th standard in all languages ​​of the country. Study material can also be viewed through QR codes. This app is iOS and Google play store Can be downloaded through.
  • E-school The NCRT has uploaded 1 thousand 886 audio, 2 thousand videos, 696 e-books and 504 flip books in different languages ​​for classes 1 to 12 on this web portal. It here (

Which private platforms of e-learning will be available?

  • Baiju- It is one of the top e-learning platforms in India. Baiju offers online classes and e-books for competitive examinations in addition to school and higher education. Application of IOS And Android Available at
  • Educomp Solution- It has been active in the field of e-learning since 1994 through a variety of mediums. Educomp Solutions offers online classes and e-books, from school to higher education. This too Official website Can be accessed from.
  • IGNOU- Indra Gandhi National Open University runs its own e-learning program. You can access e-books and content from school to higher education. IGNOU website Can register on
  • NIIT- The National Institute of Information Technology also runs its own e-learning program. You can access e-books and content from school to higher education. NIIT website You can also register.

How much does e-learning cost on average?

  • Government E-Learning Platform- All the government’s e-learning platforms are available to every child for free. You can access it after completing a simple online registration process. To avail this facility on TV, registration is not to be done.
  • Private e-learning platform- Monthly expenditure of private e-learning platform for school children comes from 2 to 10 thousand rupees. It depends on the individual package.
  • Autonomous e-learning platform – Institutions like IGNOU and NIIT will also have to go through a simple online registration process to participate in the e-learning program. There is no fee for these programs also.

What are the benefits of e-learning?

  • According to Dr. Dhananjay Chopra, the strongest aspect of e-learning is its diversity. We can connect our students with any professor or teacher in the world and can make any study material available for our students. E-learning is time saving, we can save a lot of time that goes to school or college. E-learning has freed not only students, but also teachers from the boundaries of schools and universities. Which has further broadened the process of reading and teaching.

What are the disadvantages of e-learning?

  • Dr. Chopra says that in e-learning, the direct relationship between teachers and students is broken. We cannot find out whether the child is paying attention to studies or not. The most important thing in teaching and learning is body language, which makes our communication strong. In e-learning, the role of our facial expression, gestures and gestures also reduces.


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