Sasural Simar Ka Actor Manish Raisinghan Sangeita Chauhan Wedding in Lockdown Video and Photo Viral – Actor of in-laws Simar married in lockdown, parents joined the wedding through video call


Manish Raisinghan and Sangeita Chauhan marry between lockdowns

Special things

  • 'Sasural Simar Ka' actor marries lockdown
  • Only five people attended the wedding
  • Couple's parents attended the wedding online

new Delhi:

Actor Manish Raisinghan and Sangeeta Chauhan (Sangeita Chauhan) of 'Sasural Simar Ka' got married last Tuesday. Both of them married each other in the gurudwara, whose photos and videos are also becoming very viral on social media. Only five people attended the wedding of Manish Raisinghan and Sangeeta Chauhan. At the same time, Kapal's parents attended the wedding of the children through video calls. Fans are also congratulating Manish and Sangeeta for their wedding.

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Manish Raisinghan and Sangeeta Chauhan (Sangeita Chauhan) appeared to be taking full precautions in the marriage due to Kovid-19. The bride and groom not only wore a face mask at the time of marriage, but also took special care of social distancing. In these wedding videos and photos, where Manish Raisinghan is seen in a kurta pajamé and embroidered jacket, bride Sangeeta is seen in a magenta salwar suit. The style and look of the couple is also worth seeing in these pictures.

According to Pinkvilla's report, due to corona virus, the couple's parents did not attend the wedding. Talking about this, Manish Raisinghan said, "Our parents are not attending the wedding because they are senior citizens and we don't want to take any chances. My sister, Jiju and her brother join us The rest of the relatives will join us through online video calls. So only 5 people will join us in the wedding. When the situation is fixed, we will have a big party, in which our friends will also be together. "


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