São Paulo Beach Getaway: Praia de Juquehy


My sister who is currently visiting us and I were just returning from a 4 day beach trip to Praia de Juquehy, my favourite beach on the coastline of São Paulo. Known as the jewel of the North Coast of São Paulo, Juquehy is characterized by a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. 150km away from São Paulo it is not the closest one but still a location that is not too far away to enjoy a beach weekend.

Many beaches of the São Paulo state are along the coast road and you have to cross the street before entering the beach. Juquehy is different. You drive down from the main road, through its nice little city centre before you get to the beautiful beach. The beach is quite long and great for surfing and stand-up-paddling or just to relax and enjoy a Caipirinha.

Juquehy Beach Sao Paulo

Juquehy Beach Sao Paulo

Juquehy Beach Sao Paulo

There are many Pousadas along the beach. Staying directly at the beach is rather expensive, compared to the Pousada’s in second row. I have now been to Juquehy a few times and we always had different accommodations, good and bad ones. The first time we went, we rented a house with friends via AirBnB which was really nice.

Accommodation in Juquehy

This time my sister and I stayed at Pousada Patio, which was the best accommodation we had in Juquehy in terms of value for money, staff and facilities. Even though it is not located directly at the beach, I can highly recommend this Pousada. It is very small, they only have 4 rooms, 2 of them are suits for four people. However, the Pousada is very generous with a nice pool, a bar and a garden. The staff and the owner are very friendly and helpful. The breakfast is delicious; they don’t have a buffet like you would usually expect in a Pousada, instead they serve you what you have chosen from a menu and you can pick an much as you like from fresh juices over omelette to yoghurt with granola and fruits. Furthermore, you can decide where you would like to have the breakfast served, either at the pool, the patio, insight the breakfast/living room or in your room.

Juquehy Beach Pousada Patio

Restaurants in Juquehy

These are my favorite restaurants in Juquehy:

Chapéu de Sol

Located directly at the Beach, Chapéu de Sol is perfect if you fancy a really good pizza out of a stone oven or sea food. During the day, they have a nice beach bar terrace which is worth a visit. In the evening take one of the tables which are directly located at the open window front facing the sea as they give you stunning views while you enjoy your dinner.

Bistrô Juquehy

The Bistrô Juquehy is located in the city centre next to the Juquehy shopping. Nice atmosphere and great for fish and meat.

Café Amarula

If you want to go for a nice coffee or cake, Café Amerula is a lovely café at the corner of the Juquehy Shopping mall.


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