San Francisco 139 Year Old Victorian House Moving To New Address Video Goes Viral On Social Media


139 years old house showing ‘walks’ on street

In San Francisco, people saw strange things on Sunday. One house (Victorian House) was shifted to another. When he was pushed with the help of cranes and trucks, people got crowded and started making videos. The 139 old Victorian house was raised and moved from Franklin Street to Fulton Street. He crossed 6 blocks for this. Its video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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Abc 7 news According to the news of, Wanda Ramos, who lives near the house, said, “It was a real experience to see a 7-bedroom house moving.” Carrie Carter, who lives at the place where the house was shifted, said, “This is a really big house.”

The video became increasingly viral on the Internet and people gave amazing reactions. Many people recorded the house from different angles. Someone called it a film scene and someone called it a brilliant video. This house is known as Engler House. It took 6 hours to shift to another place.

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Lana Costantini of the San Francisco Historical Society said, “Something went wrong along the way. There were many trees along the way. There were stop signs, lights and signs. Eddie Ramos, who saw it, said, ‘The house hit a light pole while shifting And had hit many trees too.

But nothing happened to anyone. The police closed the avenues and the crew also worked overnight. The 5,170-square-foot house has been moved from its original address of 807 Franklin to 635 Fulton St., which was just a short distance away.


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