Samosa sent to space by an Indian restaurant reached France like this Watch Viral Video


Samosa sent to space by an Indian restaurant, reached France

An Indian restaurant in Britain successfully sent a samosa into space, but that samosa crashed in France before reaching the space. One of the best restaurants in Bath, Chai Wala finally managed to fulfill its space mission of sending Samosa after three attempts.

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According to the news website UPI, the owner of Chai Wala Restaurant Neeraj Gadher said that he wanted to spread happiness, so he came up with the idea of ​​sending Samosa to space. Told Somerset Live that “I once jokingly said that I would send a samosa into space and then I thought that this could be a reason for all of us to laugh during this foggy time.”

The restaurant owner used helium balloons to launch the beloved snack into space. It took three attempts to deliver it. For the first time, helium balloons slipped from his hands. He said, “The second time we did not have enough helium, but we reached there in the third time.”

See Video:

A video shared on YouTube shows Mr. Gesher and his friends launching Samosa into space after connecting them with a balloon designed with a GoPro camera and a GPS tracker. The group launched Samosa and saw that it has gone to very high altitudes in the atmosphere. The balloon went up in space. However, the next day it came back and found that the samosa fell in France.


After this, the group started sending a message to the people of the region on Instagram whether anyone is ready to hunt snack. Then, an Instagram user by the name of Axel Mathon accepted his request and found samosa in a field in Picardie.

The local news website was quoted as saying, “I couldn’t believe it until I got here and actually when I looked up I saw a helium balloon bursting into the trees. I found this polystyrene box well packed . It was like a treasure hunt, I thought it was madness. ”


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