Sameeksha Sud Got Sad After Remember Boyfriend TikTok Star Video Goes Viral – Review Suddenly sad to remember Sood’s boyfriend, then she looked at herself


ReviewShee (Sude) became sad to remember her boyfriend

Special things

  • Review Suddenly sad to miss Sood’s boyfriend
  • ‘Butterflies’ song was seen giving expressions
  • Review Sud’s video is becoming viral

new Delhi:

The famous actress Samitha Sud has made a tremendous identity through Tiktok. Review Sood has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of people with his acting. She also stays connected with fans by sharing her videos and photos. Review A video of Sood is becoming very viral, in which she gets depressed after remembering her boyfriend. Sood has shared this video review with his Instagram account, which has been viewed more than 92 thousand times so far. Along with this, fans are also commenting a lot about the actress’ video.

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In the video, Sameeksha Sud starts to think of a boyfriend standing alone. She thinks about how her boyfriend used to take care of her. But remembering all these things, the review gets sad and then leaves with his jacket. While sharing this video, the actress wrote, “Find out who drank …” This Sood’s Instagram reel is also being liked by his fans. Let me tell you that Surya Sud is not only expert in acting, but he is also number one in dance. Before this, many of his dance videos were also very viral.


Review: Talking about the career of Sameeksha Sud, he started his career as a TV actress. The actress had stepped into the acting world with the serial of Doli Armaan. But he gained popularity with his video on TikTok. Reviews on Tittock were seen in Sood’s funny, romantic and dance videos. Apart from this, she has also appeared in many music videos, including ‘Rona Likha Tha’ and ‘Rula Ke Gaya Ishq Tera’. Review on Instagram also has more than 5 million followers of Sood.


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