Salman Khan Wish PM Modi Birthday on His Birthday


Salman Khan tweeted on PM Modi's birthday

Special things

  • Today is PM Modi's birthday
  • PM has turned 70
  • Salman Khan wishes his birthday

new Delhi:

PM Narendra Modi became 70 years old today. Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950. While PM Narendra Modi (PM Modi) is receiving birthday greetings messages from all over the world, even the big stars of Bollywood are congratulating him on his birthday. After Aamir Khan, now Salman Khan has also congratulated PM Narendra Modi on his birthday, and prayed for him.

Also read

Salman Khan has tweeted congratulating PM Narendra Modi on his birthday, 'Many congratulations to the honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and many more are yet to come.' In this way, Salman Khan has prayed for PM Narendra Modi. This tweet of Salman Khan is being read a lot on social media, and there are fierce reactions to this.

On PM Modi's birthday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also congratulated him on his birthday. Rahul Gandhi shared the tweet and congratulated the PM on his birthday. Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet, 'Best wishes to PM Narendra Modi on his birthday.'


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