Sachin Vaze Antilia Case Update; Devendra Fadnavis, Shiv Sena Sanjay Raut letter against Anil Parab | Fadnavis said- the charge should be serious, milk of milk and water of water; Raut said- Remember some other people in jail can also write letters


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Mumbai6 hours ago

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Sanjay Raut (left), Devendra Fadnavis (right).

In the recovery case of Rs 100 crore, a new twist has come after the letter of former API Sachin Vazh. He has also accused former home minister Anil Deshmukh, senior Shiv Sena leader and minister in Maharashtra government Anil Parab, of instigating him for recovery. After Vazhe’s new revelations, Maharashtra’s politics has become hot again. The BJP has now come forward and is also demanding the resignation of CM along with Anil Parab. Vazhe had said in a written statement on Saturday that Anil Deshmukh and Anil Parab had given him the target of recovery.

Read here the full charge of Sachin Vazh: Another letter bomb in Maharashtra: Vizh said- Deshmukh and Minister Anil Parab also targeted recovery; Sharad Pawar wanted to remove me from my job

The image of the state and the police department has been tarnished due to the allegations of Vazha: Fadnavis
On Thursday, former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that this letter from Sachin Vazh is very serious and in this case there should be milk of milk and water of water. What is happening in Maharashtra is not suitable for the image of the state and the police. The CBI is investigating in this case. We hope that the truth of this will be known to all soon.

No such dirty politics has happened in the history of the country: Sanjay Raut
In this case, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut, who came to defend his leader and minister Anil Parab, said – ‘I have known Parab for many years, he or any Shiv Sainik cannot lie in the name of Balasaheb Thackeray.’ Accusing the opposition of doing dirty politics, Raut said- ‘Such dirty politics has never happened in the history of the country. However, the opposition’s maneuver to implicate the Maharashtra government in this manner will not succeed. Sanjay Raut said that not even one child of the Thackeray government will fall.

Remember other prisoners can also write letters: Sanjay Raut
Raut said that a new trend has been started to discredit people in jail by writing letters to them. The man who accused Anil Parab is currently in NIA custody. The BJP should clarify whether the person writing the letter is a saint or not a Mahatma. Further Raut said, ‘There are other people in the jail who can write letters, this should be kept in mind’.

Parab said – Swear on the daughters, the allegations against me are false.

Minister Anil Parab came in front of the media after he accused me and said that I swear by my two daughters, I swear by Balasaheb, all the allegations against me are false. This is an attempt to discredit me. The JBJP leaders had been shouting for two-three days. He was referring to another victim. He was already aware of this matter. The BJP already knew that Sachin was going to give me a letter today, so he was talking about ‘take the third wicket’. I have no acquaintance with the municipal contractor. That is why I am ready to face any inquiry today. Parab said why did Sachin Vaz not take my name first? This proves that he wants to discredit the government. I am willing to undergo any investigation and narco test in this matter.

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