Sachin Vaze Antilia Case; Mystery Woman Meena Georg Luxury Italian Sports Bike Seized By NIA | Video of Sachin Vaze’s Manali Road Trip surfaced, this 8 lakh bike connects the connection between Vaze and Mystery Girl


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This video is being told of the year 2016, when Sachin was on suspense.

A new revelation has been revealed regarding the suspended API, Sachin Vazh, arrested in the Antilia case. Dainik NewsBust India has a video of Manali Trip by Sachin Vaze’s bike. This video is being reported for the year 2016. In the video, Sachin Vaz can be seen riding his luxury Italian bike ‘Benelli’ with some youngsters. This bike has been sewn with ‘Daman’ by the NIA on Monday.

In the video that has surfaced, Sachin is seen driving his bike. In one video, he is stopped somewhere on the way and a boy is seen introducing Sachin Vaz in the video. He tells that the tire of Sachin Vaze’s bike has been ruined and his team has left him and left for Manali. In one part of the video, the boy also shows a torn tire.

Sachin Vaz is also seen in the video.

Sachin Vaz is also seen in the video.

This bike is registered in the name of her girlfriend
The bike has been taken to the Mumbai office of the NIA and a forensic team from Pune is investigating it. This bike is registered in the name of Vaze’s alleged female friend ‘Meena George’. Meena is the same woman who was caught by a NIA team on Saturday from a flat in Thane. Meena went to Hotel Trident in Mumbai to meet Sachin Waze with a note counting machine. According to sources, Sachin Vaze had paid for this bike.

He traveled thousands of kilometers with this bike
The price of this bike is being said to be around 7 to 8 lakh rupees. Investigations have revealed that Sachin was associated with a biker club in Mumbai while he was suspended and had traveled thousands of kilometers with this bike.

During the Manali trip, the tire of Sachin Waze's bike gets punctured.

During the Manali trip, the tire of Sachin Waze’s bike gets punctured.

This bike can prove to be a big link in this case
This bike and its video can prove to be a great link to establish a relationship between Sachin Vaze and his girlfriend. This 2016 video proves that Sachin had known this woman long back. It is being said that this woman, who lives in Gujarat, used to take care of her money.

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