Russias opposition leader Alexei Navalny announced, will return to the country on 17 January – Russia’s opposition leader Navalny announced his return to the country on 17 January


The leader of the opposition of Russia, Navalny, has released the video and informed about his return from Germany on 17 January.

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Russia’s opposition leader Navalny has announced that on January 17 Country Will return After being poisoned in his country Russia, he was taken to Germany for treatment. In a video statement, Navalny has said that “When I got out of the hospital, it was difficult for me to stand up again.” I used to stand everyday, then lie down and do it again. Yes, it was really difficult.

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He has said in the video that “Today I did pushups and if I could do it well then I realized that I am fine now and I should go.” I was poisoned there. There was an attempt to kill me, so I am living here in Germany, as if I have been in a box.


Russia’s opposition leader Alexi Navalny claims – Putin’s intelligence agency hatches conspiracy to poison

Navalni said that “The Putin who tried to kill me with poison now shouts at his servants.” His servants listen to him and file a case against me under intrigue. But I do not care what they do to me. Russia is my country, I love Russia, I will be there. I am coming at 17 to meet you. ”


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