Russian foreign minister says the possibility of production of Indian vaccines in Russia cannot be ruled out


File photo of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lovrov

new Delhi:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday said that the Russian side has collaborated with Indian companies to produce 70 crore doses of the anti-Covid-19 sputnik v (sputnik v) vaccine. Have made contracts. He also indicated the possibility of the Indian vaccine being produced in Russia. After talks with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on a wide range of issues, Russian Foreign Minister Lovrov praised India’s vaccine-making capability at a joint press conference and said that Russia is maintaining close cooperation with it for vaccines dealing with the corona virus epidemic.

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He said that Russia’s Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has signed contracts with Indian companies for the production of 70-75 crore doses of Kovid-19 anti-Sputnik v vaccine. The Russian Foreign Minister said that this was possible due to the manufacturing capacity in India. Loverov said, “I am not keeping aside the position of further cooperation in India regarding the production of Indian vaccines in Russia.” I understand that experts will discuss this and evaluate the potential of such cooperation. ”

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The Russian foreign minister made this comment in response to a question about the possibility of the Indian vaccine covaxine being manufactured in Russia in the future. At the same time, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that India and Russia’s cooperation in the pharma sector has become more important in the challenging time of Kovid. There is a discussion about the production of Russian vaccines in India. In the context of Sputnik v vaccine, he said that we have been discussed and it is clear that our regulatory authority has to decide in this regard. Jaishankar said that India has so far supplied cocaine vaccines to 3-4 countries. Significantly, after visiting India, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lovrov will reach Pakistan on a two-day visit on Tuesday.

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