Rubina Dilaik 10 Points which Made TV Shakti 10 Winner


Learn these 10 special things about Rubina Dilaik

New Delhi :

Rubina Dilaik has become the winner of Bigg Boss 14. Rubina Dilac also won 36 lakh rupees with Bigg Boss 14 trophy. Rahul Vaidya was the first runner up. Rubina Dilac stayed 140 days in Bigg Boss 14 house and stayed from the beginning to the last. In this way, he showed his strong personality in the show. Supported friends and won the hearts of fans in a stormy way. In this way, Rubina Dilaik Won Bigg Boss 14 showed that if played in a strict manner, then there is no need for abusive words. In this way, the power of TV has given a gift to its fans by winning the Big Boss.

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Rubina Dilaik won Bigg Boss 14 for these 10 reasons …

1. Rubina Dilac always supported the right and she fought for him.
2. Rabina Dilac entertained the fans in her own way during the task.
3. Rubina Dilac had initially made it clear that fans have come to win their hearts, and if they get the trophy, it will be a separate gift for them.
4. To raise his voice, he raised his voice with Babaki.
5. Rubina Dilac kept herself away from abusive and unconscious.
6. Rubina Dilac was on Salman Khan’s target from day one, but she took it positively.
7. Whenever the occasion came, Rubina raised her voice for the sake of others and her honor.
8. Rubina Dilac was the only player in the funlist who neither went out of the house, nor did she ever show her weak aspect.
9. His fans got him the title with regard to Rubina Dilac.
10. Rubina Dilac made the fans come true with her life and herself.


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