Routines in coronavirus can worsen and stress caused by children in the home may lead to depression; Know what are the ways to avoid it? | Routines in coronaviruses can worsen and stress caused by children in the home may lead to depression; Know what are the ways to avoid it?

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  • Ignoring small health related things in coronavirus is not good, it can increase your stress
  • According to experts, trust children, try to get back to your old routine and do not be careless about health

Sandy Villarreal. Children are forced to stay at home due to the closure of schools and colleges due to coronavirus infection. Schools have not yet been opened anywhere in the Corona-affected countries in the world. In such a situation, handling and taking care of children remains a big challenge for parents. Parents are facing problems like stress and headaches due to children and their deteriorated routine. But, we cannot take it lightly, such a simple problem can sometimes cause depression.

Lina Wayne, a public health professor at George Washington University, explains that it is difficult for us to separate our physical problems and mental problems at our own level. That is, we cannot easily understand whether we have a physical problem or a mental one. Such stress and headaches can be symptoms of depression. Therefore, before the water goes above the head, we should consult doctors without delay.

Parents need to change their mind

  • According to the Kaiser Family Foundation Tracking Poll, about 600 US parents reported that they had either stopped taking or postponed their medications due to coronavirus.
  • According to Dr. Amanda Zilhoski, Associate Professor at Valapareso University, people are very hesitant to pay attention to these problems. They think that it is not right to go to the doctor with such a small problem. This carelessness can be very heavy. Dr. Zilhoski says that today when Coronavirus is not taking the name of termination, then we need to change this thinking. We should go to the doctor instead of ignoring any such problem.

Get back to your routine

  • According to Dr. Zilhoski, our routine has changed suddenly and completely due to coronavirus. Which has also impacted our mental and physical health. Because of this, we are not able to feel normal even after wishing. Now we should come back to our normal routine and focus on ourselves.
  • Writer Erica Andersen of Indianapolis is the mother of two children. One is two years old and the other is four years old. Their routine changed as Coronavirus changed their behavior with children. Says Erica Andersen, “I have been very upset about this change, the doctors told me that if I don’t reduce my stress, I can go into depression, now I’m not thinking at all, just follow my old routine Trying to do. “

Learn to trust children

  • According to Dr. Zilhoski, those who have children above 5 years, do not think much about children, it is important to take care of them, but thinking about their studies, school, and routines will not achieve anything. Wait for the situation to become normal, the children will re-enter their routine.
  • According to Dr. Zilhoski, trust children 8 years of age or older to include them in small things like grocery shopping and kitchen.

Be cautious about health

  • According to Dr. Zilhoski, in this era when there is a situation like medical emergency due to coronavirus, parents have to be vigilant about the health of children as well as themselves. Dr. Zilhoski and his colleagues say that regular checkup of your health should be done by your health care experts and also by yourself. By doing this we will be able to reduce stress and will be safe from any major problem like depression.

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