River Ganga will return at Har ki Paudi after 4 years, know- the works of previous uttarakhand government – Ganga will return to Harki Pauri after 4 years, know- work of Uttarakhand government


In fact, in December 2016, when the Harish Rawat government of Congress was in power in Uttarakhand, a mandate was issued during that time. The government order, which states that ‘the portion flowing from Sarvanand Ghat to the crematorium ghat Khadkhari, from there to Damkothi via Harki Pauri, and through Damakothi to Sati Ghat Kankhal to Daksha Temple is considered an escape channel.’ That is, the then Uttarakhand government changed the name of the Ganges River, which flows before Har Ki Pauri and after Har Ki Pauri, to ‘Escape Channel’.

In the 2017 Uttarakhand Assembly elections, the Congress lost badly and Chief Minister Harish Rawat himself lost his election from two places, including 1 seat of Haridwar Rural. After this, while Harish Rawat apologized for this work done by his government, while BJP leader Trivendra Singh Rawat came to Haridwar after taking the oath of Chief Minister, after 17 days, he announced that the Congress government His government will immediately work to rectify the wrong thing he did to change his name.

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Almost 3 and a half years have passed. During this, preparations for Kumbh Mela 2021 started in Haridwar. The people of the priestly community of Haridwar started demanding to change the name of the stream flowing on Harki Pauri from the escape channel to the Ganges again. Shri Ganga Sabha, the organization that manages Har Ka Pauri, has been constantly demanding from the government that the name of the stream flowing on Har Ki Pauri be changed from the Escape Channel to Ganga.

Finally, on Sunday 22 November, the Uttarakhand government announced that the mandate issued by the Congress government in 2016, in which the river Ganga flowing from Har Ki Pauri was renamed as Escape Channel, has been repealed. Madan Kaushik, Uttarakhand’s Urban Development Minister and MLA from Haridwar, told the media after meeting Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat that ‘the decision of the Escape Channel was canceled by the Chief Minister today and in the next two-three days its mandate is issued Will be done.’

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Representatives of Shri Ganga Sabha were also called in this meeting. General Secretary of Shri Ganga Sabha Tanmay Vasistha told, ‘The Chief Minister has told that the mandate of the year 2016 has been repealed and now the name of mother Ganga flowing from Har Ki Pauri will also be Ganga in the papers. The Chief Minister has fulfilled what we have been demanding for almost three and a half years.

However, the Uttarakhand government has not yet issued this order in writing, but even if we assume that the government will issue a written order in a few days after the oral declaration, it is amazing that for the last 4 years, everyone The devotees who took a dip in the Ganges river at Pauri did not know that they were taking a dip in a channel not in the Ganges river.

Importance of Harki Pauri:
Haridwar is the center of faith of Hindus around the world and the axis of this center of faith is Harki Pauri. It is believed that after the churning of the ocean, drops of nectar were spilled here. Therefore, every 12 years, Kumbh Mela is organized here. It is also believed that Lord Shankar’s feet were lying here. All the rites from birth to death take place on this coast. Due to the recognition of this place and the Ganges River, people take a dip here as a salvation.

Next year, Mahakumbh fair will be held in Haridwar at the scheduled time.

For the last 4 years, people who are taking a dip here did not realize that what they consider to be the mother Ganga, Uttarakhand government had named its name Escape Channel in the papers. In this India year, Ganga was given the status of mother, in the same India it was renamed and that too of Ganga flowing on Har Ki Pauri. Just think if anyone can change their mother’s name also?

Why was the name of river Ganga changed?
Professor BD Joshi, who retired from Gurukul Kangri, has been working on the Ganges river for the last 4 decades. Professor Joshi himself is also a citizen of Haridwar. Prof. Joshi says that the name of Ganga flowing on Harki Pauri was changed so that it could be constructed around it. Actually, the National Green Tribunal has ordered that no construction can be done within a radius of 200 meters on either side of the Ganges. The order of the NGT could not be changed, so the river itself was renamed for construction. He was told an escape channel … so that the laws made for the river could not apply to him.

According to Prof. BD Joshi, ‘When the NGT urged the Uttarakhand government that you will not allow any kind of construction on the right side or left side of the river Ganga, which is called the river bed, then it will be especially difficult for Haridwar region. Ashrams, temples, dharamshalas are built on the banks of Pauri, they will surely suffer because their daily jobs were affected by this, so to get rid of this, the then Chief Minister has issued an order that the Ganga is on every Pauri. She is located on the escape channel ‘

Meanwhile, in the last four years, both sides of the river were fiercely constructed. When the NewsBust team reached Alaknanda Ghat between Harki Pauri to Damkothi, it was clear that on one side there is a guest house of the Uttar Pradesh government itself, and the construction of hotels on the other side of the river is going on. In the last 4 years, a lot has been built on the banks of the Ganges river and much is still going on only because the Uttarakhand government changed the name of the river Ganga to avoid the directives of NGT.

What does Escape Channel mean?
Think, what is the meaning of the escape channel given to Ganga ji? Some say it means an irrigation canal, some one suggests a salvage flow that is connecting the main Ganges river and the canal, some one tells it a canal.

By the way, you can definitely say that Gangaji was Gangaji for us even today, Ganga is still alive and Ganga will remain tomorrow. We do not have any effect on faith on the orders of any government, but think that if the NGT has made some rules and rules, then some must have been made by thinking. If these rules and regulations are not followed, then how can anyone treat the rivers with which we are devoted, can play with them and it does harm to the environment.


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