Richa Chadha On Relationship With Ali Fazal Says My Life Is Like Tanishq Ad In An Interview

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Richa Chadha said this about the relationship with Ali Fazal

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  • Richa Chadha said in an interview regarding relationship with Ali Fazal
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new Delhi:

Bollywood’s famous actress Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal were married this year, however, due to the coronavirus and lockdown, the two could not get married. Let me tell you, the wedding cards of Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal were also printed, but this year proved ill-fated for both. Now recently, Richa Chadha gave an example of ‘Tanishq Ad’ ad, which is in a lot of controversy these days, saying that her life is like that ad. Let me tell you, Tanishq’s ad is in a lot of controversy these days. Starting with the trend of Bycott on Twitter, the matter ranged from deleting an ad to an attack on a company store.

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Richa Chadha said in the interview, “My life is like that ad. I got a lot of love from Ali’s family and he loved my family. I feel sorry for the loveless people who are married to someone else’s marital choices.” there is a problem.” Let me tell you, Richa Chadha had earlier tweeted, “This is a beautiful advertisement.” Let me tell you, Ali Fazal had opposed the CAA, after which the public is boycotting ‘Mirzapur 2’.

To this, Ali Fazal said in an interview to Mid Day, “I feel bad when people talk about boycotting the show because a lot of people are involved in making it. Sometimes, I get my choices. One has to weigh and take steps for the betterment of others. I do not want them to suffer the brunt of my actions. They said, “I will not stop raising my voice. I am an artist in a free world, I should question “There is a need to deal peacefully with the atmosphere of hate. We are the country that has won its freedom struggle peacefully.”

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