Ric Flair Tricked His Own Daughter Charlotte Flair In WWE Ring Over Lacey Evans Video Viral


Ric Flair handcuffs daughter Charlotte Flair to the ring

Special things

  • Ric Flair caused daughter’s defeat in WWE ring
  • Father caught Charlotte Flair’s ring
  • Rick Flair and Charlotte Flair’s video goes viral

new Delhi:

Such matches are seen on the days of the WWE ring, which also surprise the audience. WWE videos are also very viral on social media. The surprising thing is that even close relationships are forgotten in the ring of WWE. Evidence of this is found in the video of Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair, where a father was the reason for his own daughter’s defeat in the WWE ring. It is seen in the video that amid the fighting, Ric Flair grabbed his daughter’s leg, which she could not get up.

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This video of Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair has been shared by WWE from his Instagram account, which has been liked more than 2 lakhs so far. Sharing this video, WWE wrote, “That’s why Ric Flair is called the dirtiest player in the game.” In the video, Ric Flair grabs his daughter’s leg, which leads to Lacey Evans winning. Angry red Charlotte Flair’s face is worth seeing in the video. Apart from this, another video of Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair is going viral, in which she is seen flaming her father.


This video of Charlotte Flair and Ric Flair has also been shared by WWE with her Instagram account. The video shows Charlotte Flair flaring at her father, saying, “Stay away from my affairs …” With this she says get away from here … Charlotte Flair takes her father out of the way She shows up, forcing Ric Flair himself to go out of the ring. However, after this, Charlotte Flair also apologized to Papa by sharing the photo on Instagram.


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