Rhea Chakraborty (Sushant Singh Rajput) Case NCB Today Update | List Of 55 Questions Asked From Sushant's Girlfriend And Bollywood Actress Rhea Chakraborty In Ncb Probe | Riya had asked- Sushant used to take drugs, so why did you arrange this for him? Did you, your brother and father also take drugs?

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  • Rhea Chakraborty (Sushant Singh Rajput) Case NCB Today Update | List Of 55 Questions Asked From Sushant's Girlfriend And Bollywood Actress Rhea Chakraborty In Ncb Probe

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Riya Chakraborty remains in judicial custody till September 22 in Byculla Jail.

  • Riya was questioned thrice by the Narcotics Control Bureau after the drugs angle surfaced in the Sushant case.
  • Riya was arrested by NCB, Riya has been in Mumbai's Byculla Jail for 6 days now

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) had prepared a list of 55 questions from Riya Chakraborty in the drugs case involving the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Riya is currently behind bars after answering these questions. In three consecutive inquiries, the NCB team asked Riya questions related to Sushant, Shovik and Samuel Miranda. Most of the questions were related to drugs.

NCB asked these 55 questions to Riya

  1. What about you and your family?
  2. Tell me your mobile number and how long have you been using it?
  3. Do you know Zaid Vilatra? If yes, please give full information in detail.
  4. Do you know Kaizan? If yes, please explain in detail.
  5. Do you know Abdul Basit Parihar? If yes, please provide complete information.
  6. Do you know Samuel Miranda? If yes, elaborate?
  7. Do you know Deepesh Sawant? Explain that in detail?
  8. How was your understanding with Shovik and how much did you know about Shovik's personal life?
  9. Who introduced Shovik to Sushant and why?
  10. Did you, your father, Shovik and Sushant consume drugs like Bud?
  11. Tell us about your holy trip, which you have done many times with Sushant. Tell me what was the incidence of drug use there.
  12. Who is selling the drugs? Who was giving you drugs by arranging, give information?
  13. Where and how did you first meet Samuel Miranda?
  14. How many times have you been to Sushant's flat Kefri Heights Residence and how many times have you stayed there? What did you see about drugs there?
  15. According to Samuel Miranda's statement, you were looking at all the expenses of Sushant's house. You expand it.
  16. If you say that Sushant Singh Rajput used to take drugs then why did you arrange drugs for Sushant? Why get involved in buying drugs?
  17. It has happened many times that you have also used your card to buy drugs. Explain it and describe the details of your card.
  18. Why did you tell Samuel Miranda out of the job at the behest of Sushant Singh?
  19. Samuel Miranda has also made this statement about you. Miranda said in her statement that when she told Riya about Sushant's cook Ashoka that he was buying cheap quality drugs at a higher price, Riya had told this to Sushant. After this, Riya had fired Ashok from the job and Riya himself took all the control of the sale and purchase of drugs.
  20. Why did you take Shovik with you and Sushant on a Goa, Ladakh, Delhi, Europe tour? Why Shovik came on this trip a week later and had left a week earlier
  21. According to Shovik's statement, you were ordering Shovik to make drugs available to Sushant? How and why were you doing this?
  22. Riya was shown the WhatsApp chat records of Samuel Miranda and Shovik from April 15, 2020 to April 17, 2020, and asked what the intentions of the two were about the chats.
  23. In a chat, you advised Shovik that Shovik should also pay some money to buy drugs, why?
  24. Why did you let Miranda use your debit card to buy drugs?
  25. Do you consume bud, hash, weed?
  26. According to your chats did you manage stock of drugs for Sushant? Expand it.
  27. On April, Miranda purchased a consignment of Weed through Zaid and Miranda was asked by Shovik to take the consignment.
  28. Tell us about your bank account and your income.
  29. Explore WhatsApp chats between you and Shovik from 16 April 2020 to 17 April 2020.
  30. How many times did Sushant take drugs and how many times did you help in getting drugs for Sushant?
  31. On 17 April 2020, drugs hash was purchased for Sushant through Shovik and Basit. In relation to this, the records of WhatsApp chats with your Shovik are showing, you expand it.
  32. On 16, 17 April 2020 chats, you ordered Shovik to find out about the stock of drugs and then met Miranda and Deepesh to meet him. Then hash arranged through Basit and Kaizan. After this, when the delivery of this drugs was done, Deepesh collected it at your request, expand it. Why did you agree to hash, because Sushant used to take only buds and videos?
  33. Who gave the money to buy all these drugs? State via cash card or UPI.
  34. Have you ever seen Basit taking drugs like Bud, Hash and Weed. How many times did he come to your house?
  35. In the first and last week of 2019, when Sushant stayed in your house, how many times Sushant was provided drugs. You bought and sold him during this time? Who drove him to your home?
  36. Sushant stayed at your home after returning from Europe tour. Sushant Water Stone Club shifted to your home again. Then there was a shift from Hinduja Hospital and then back home to your hospital. Was information given to all of Sushant's family about all this? Because during this time many drugs were delivered to your house. Answer?
  37. There have been many times that Miranda supplied drugs to Sushant at your home, so why did you allow drugs to be delivered at your home?
  38. Drugs were delivered to the club when you stayed at the Water Stone Club with Sushant in September 2019 and Nabanwar 2019. These deliveries were given to Miranda by Karamjeet and then Miranda then gave the same drugs to Riya, who then reached the club. Answer this
  39. Is it true that Sushant used to keep drugs JOINTS in his car and you also used to keep drugs JOINTS with you?
  40. Do you know about Jaya Shah, because you have some chats with Jaya Shah regarding BUD, let him explore?
  41. What about Jaya Shah's email ID and commercial shopping website?
  42. How many bank accounts do you have, how much are debit and credit cards, how many email IDs?
  43. How and how did you buy and sell drugs for Sushant?
  44. When you and Sushant came back to India from Europe trip and then the vehicle that came to pick you up at the airport had video joints. Sushant consumed them on the way from the airport to your house, tell about this?
  45. Why did Samuel Miranda come to your house when Sushant stayed at your house after the Europe trip?
  46. You started selling drugs with your brother Shovik so that your brother would benefit in dealing drugs.
  47. Why did Suryadeep Malhotra also come to your house when Sushant stayed at your house?
  48. Bud Miranda who was delivered by KJ aka Karamjeet, making a near restaurant in front of your apartment in Leaf restaurant, then the same Bud Miranda gave it to Shovik, what happened to all this information? Did you allow this to your brother Shovik and if he had given it then why?
  49. According to Deepesh Sawant's statement, you knew about the delivery of drugs. If yes then tell me.
  50. Do you know Samuel Miranda and Neeraj Singh and what did they do at Sushant Singh's house?
  51. Do you know about Siddharth Pithani, Ayush Sharma, Anandi Dhawan, Rohani Iyer, Shruti Modi, Rajat Mewati, Sahil Sagar, Keshav and Ashok?
  52. What do you have to say about the use of Weed, Bud and Hash and elaborate about Sushant and his friends?
  53. Do you know that Sushant used to organize parties? What do you know about the drugs used there?
  54. Don't you know that buying and selling drugs is illegal?
  55. You want to tell the investigating agency something on your behalf.
List of questions asked by NCB.

List of questions asked by NCB.

Riya was asked 55 questions in a 17-hour inquiry.
The NCB had asked these 55 questions on the first day of Riya Chakraborty for about 6 hours, on the second day for about 8 hours and on the third day for 3 hours, that is, 17 hours in total. Riya got entangled in these questions and she was arrested on Tuesday 8 September. Riya has been arrested under sections 20B, 27A, 28 and 29 of the NDPS Act. Riya is accused of being involved in drug purchase or drug syndicate. Currently, he is lodged in Byculla Jail in Mumbai. The court has twice rejected his bail plea. It is believed that his lawyer may soon knock the High Court.

NCB was satisfied with Riya's statement
In a press conference after Riya's arrest, NCB Deputy Director MA Jain had said, "We are satisfied with the answers given by Riya during the interrogation. If Riya's lawyer demands Bell, we will apprise Bell." We are asking for judicial custody. "

Now 17 people arrested by NCB

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested 17 people in this case. Those arrested include Riya, her brother Shovik Chakraborty. Both are in judicial custody till 22 September. Both the bail pleas have been rejected twice in the lower court. He now has a high court option for Bell. However, Riya Chakraborty's lawyer Satish Manashinde, who has been in jail for 6 days, has said that his clients (Riya and Shovik) are not hurrying for bail.



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