Retail sales of vehicles were seen down 55% in May as compared to April, resulting in less sales of around 6 lakh units | Retail sales of vehicles were seen down 55% in May as compared to April, with 75.90% loss to three wheelers

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  • Retail Sales Of Vehicles Were Seen Down 55% In May As Compared To April, Resulting In Less Sales Of Around 6 Lakh Units

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Retail sales of vehicles declined by 55% in May as compared to April this year. The Federation of Automobile Dealers (FADA) said that the June trends are good and if it remains the same for the whole month, then sales will reach the level of June last year. According to the data released by FADA on Thursday, sales of passenger vehicles declined by 58.96% to 85,733 units in May.

Two wheeler sales declined by 52.52% to 4,10,757 units and three wheeler sales declined 75.90% to 5,215 units during this period. Last month, there was a decline of 65.91% in the sales of commercial vehicles and 56.60% in the sales of tractors. Total vehicle sales declined by 54.79% to 5,35,855 units in May as against 11,85,374 in April.

Data for two years

Due to the lockdown in India from May 2020, the company has not released year-on-year figures like every month. So all these figures are not getting the sales figures. So these figures have been taken from the year of April 2021 and May 2019.

FADA President Vinkesh Gulati says that all sectors have been damaged by the second wave of Corona. Even the rural market has been affected along with the urban market.

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