Ravish Ranjan Shukla writes- Why is there no vaccination for all journalists to protect against COVID?


On 22 March last year, the Prime Minister said in his address that ‘the media, like police and health workers, will also have an important role in fighting this epidemic.’ During the Corona period, most journalists put their lives at work … reporting from the hospital to the crematorium and from the road to the barn. The problems of the common people were brought before the government, but after the vaccine, the police and health workers were considered as frontline workers, but in the process of vaccination the journalists were thrown out by the government babus like a fly in milk. While more than 50 journalists died of corona across the country during this period, hundreds became ill… thousands had to lose their jobs… but after the death, the government gave its money by giving financial assistance of 5 lakhs to about 40 journalists. took.

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When the whole world was in the houses during the lockdown, the journalists worked according to their capacity with risk. We do not say that you should consider us special or do free vaccination. But the age could be relaxed by assuming a frontline worker so that young journalists like Nilanshu and Tarun Sisodia, who were 30 years old working in India Today in the first wave of Corona, could not be lost again… in the second wave of Corona in Lucknow Journalists like Sachin Bhai did not even get to the ICU bed and died. Most of our officers and leaders who have the first rights to AC rooms and better health services have been vaccinated, but journalists who compile news from Delhi to remote areas have been removed from the vaccination of the frontline worker. The government of Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh gave the place of frontline worker to the vaccine to the journalists working here. The FAIMA institution of doctors is also standing with this demand of ours. But from the rest of the state government to the central government, there has been a rude attitude towards journalists.

This morning when we voiced the vaccination of journalists on Twitter, the reply of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal came that ‘Journalists are reporting under adverse circumstances, they should be considered as frontline workers and given vaccination on priority basis.’ But no reply was given by Delhi MP and Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan at the moment. Whereas 23 lakh corona vaccine doses have been damaged so far. But in spite of this, the Central Government has now removed the new rules of registration on the platform of Kovin IT, a frontline worker, by taking out a new decree. By considering them as frontline workers, they have further distanced themselves from the process of providing vaccines.

So the second wave of Karona is even more dangerous than the first, in such a situation, journalists have to worry about the safety of their families along with their work. This is definitely a double challenge for them, but in this corona disaster, journalists must understand now that they will have to work without vaccine and social security, because governments are with you only through Twitter and at the expense of themselves.

(Ravish Ranjan Shukla is a reporter at NewsBust India)

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