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I would not like to see this news (accusing the BJP leader of gang-rape of a woman) from the point of view that the BJP leader has committed rape. Such accused have been expelled from the party. But this is not the whole answer. I want to know the answer to this question, which party which does politics of religion and religious identity is able to establish the conduct of religion from its supporters group to the activist group? Satvik or bestial? Politics done in the name of religion is always fraudulent only then it is always in aggressive posture so that the question does not come to them. Looking aggressive, he appeared in the guard’s posture. The BJP never presented the best conduct of religion by using religion.

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The leaders of the summit also lie comfortably. Let’s do it. Obviously you call these acts unrighteousness. The field of religion makes you a judge, makes atonement of sins and creates fear of sin. But the opposite is happening. Politics is being done by making iniquity the face of religion. It will happen that the prestige of religion will decline. Crafty people will wear false clothes and make false truth and do business. In the name of religion, a group of goons is born instead of an honest group that conducts truth and wisdom.


The conduct of leaders from the ground to the summit is telling that now religion should be kept away from politics. This experiment failed. On every other issue there is an answer full of deceit and fraud. For example, religion is being made a pawn for politics. By doing politics of religious identity, the BJP will one day subvert the magnificent identity of religion. Standing with truth is religion. He who is against the truth is unrighteous. You tell me if this is happening?

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