Ratlam police killed psycho killer, 5 policemen also injured in encounter


In Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, police claim to have killed a psycho killer (symbolic photo)


In Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, the police claimed to have killed a psycho killer, 5 policemen were also injured in this encounter. Police say that psycho killer Dilip Deol and three of his accomplices involved in the triple murder in Rajivnagar a week ago carried out the robbery. The police had received information that Dileep was going somewhere near Khachrod road adjoining the Fourlane, when the police laid siege to him, Dileep allegedly opened fire on the police force. The police also fired in response, this led to Dileep being shot and died on the spot itself. Dileep was also fired. Two sub-inspectors Ayub Khan and Anurag Yadav and three other policemen were injured. The injured were sent to the district hospital.

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Govind Solanki, his wife Shardabai and daughter Divya were shot dead on the night of 25 November, living in a three-storey house in Rajiv Nagar. In the same manner as the Solanki family was shot and killed, a woman named Premkunwar Sisodia was also murdered on 18 June 2020 in Kasturba Nagar. In the investigation of the incident, the police had found the key of Divya’s Activa missing, this vehicle was found in unclaimed condition by the police from Devra Devnarayan Colony. Police searched CCTV footage installed at more than 200 locations and found clues of the killers. Police also saw thousands of mobile call details. Dileep had two separate cases of murder in Dahod in 2017, a rape case in Ratlam in 2009.



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