Rare white kangaroo born in New Yorks Animal Adventure Park see photos – Rare white kangaroo born in New York’s Animal Adventure Park


Rare white kangaroo born in New York’s Animal Adventure Park

Visitors to Animal Adventure Park in New York will soon be able to see a rare white fur kangaroo with white fur. The zoo revealed on Friday with a post shared on social media that one of their kangaroos gave birth to a white fur baby (joey with all-white fur).

This white child was born several months ago to a red kangaroo. Its “extremely rare” white color was revealed only when employees recently removed it from the mother’s bag for complete inspection.

Animal Adventure Park wrote in an Instagram post, “This is not your standard red kangaroo!” This post is now becoming viral on social media very fast. “Red kangaroos are born the size of your thumb, and they grow more outside the womb in the mother’s pouch. At about 4-5 months of age we complete our first ‘pull’, a complete inspection and medical review. To take the baby out of the mother’s bag. And then return the baby to wake up the mother. “

His inspection on Friday revealed that a red kangaroo named Rosie has born a white fur child. Take a look at the kangaroo’s baby photo below:

See Photos:

According to the zoo, white kangaroos are a leucistic male joey.

Leucism, partial loss of pigmentation, is different from albinism. The zoo believes that this kangaroo baby is leucistic because it has black eyes. The zoo wrote, “We do not know of any leucistic red kangaroo in the United States to prove how rare this phenomenon is!”


This news has aroused enthusiasm on social media, so far more than 25,000 likes and 2,400 comments have come on this post.

One user wrote, “Congratulations, I am very happy to see this little fellow. Others said,” How exciting! ”


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