Ram Temple Live Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan Ayodhya BJP MP Uma Bharti | Uma Bharti tweeted 12, said – Wars were fought, Karsevaks were martyred, families were destroyed, we have to remember their fame and might.


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Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti tweeted 12 on Sunday afternoon. It recalled the struggle of Ram Janmabhoomi and temple construction.- File Photo

  • Sadhvi Uma Bharti, former Union Minister and National Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party, will attend Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya on August 5.
  • Uma said- Senior officials of Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas directed that they should reach Ayodhya by the evening of August 4.

Former Union Minister and BJP National Vice President Uma Bharti, who was the prominent face of the Ram Mandir movement, will attend Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya on 5 August. On Sunday afternoon, Uma Bharti tweeted 12 tweets one after the other and recalled the struggle in the Ram Janmabhoomi and temple construction. Earlier, Uma had tweeted on Friday that senior officials of Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas have instructed me to reach Ayodhya by the evening of 4 August. I have to stay in Ayodhya till 6 August.

Uma's tweet today-

Uma said in 12 tweets-

  1. Yesterday, when I reached Ayodhya on August 4, I received instructions from the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust to stay there till the 6th, then I shared the information with you all. Giving information was necessary because all of you were constantly questioning me in this regard.
  2. After the information is widespread, all my siblings of the media world are urging to take interviews or bytes, on this I request you that it is a matter of great luck for me that I have participated in the Ayodhya campaign.
  3. Now the construction of the temple started in my lifetime. It will be launched by our Prime Minister on behalf of the entire Indian people. It is a matter of pride and joy.
  4. But it makes me embarrassed to mention any of my own might in the Ayodhya campaign. Because the lives of millions of people have been sacrificed in this campaign lasting 500 years.
  5. First there were wars, then there were conflicts, the campaign started from 1984, even then many kar sevaks were martyred, many families were destroyed, many lives were lost, all of them are the result of this – the pace of movement could not be reduced. So we have to remember his fame and might.
  6. We do not stay anywhere in front of them, we were alive and the pace of our life went ahead. Having crossed the profit or loss of this campaign, now that day we will be in Ayodhya, it will be such a moment in my life. It cannot even be compared to thousands of lives.
  7. According to experts' warning, the corona epidemic is taking a macabre form in July and August, in such a situation even though we are in Ayodhya, but who will be present at the foundation stone site – it is not clear till the last moment.
  8. As the rivers merge into the sea, we have all merged into Narendramodiji. The presence of all of us is his presence at the foundation stone.
  9. Let us pray that Lord Shri Ram hails as he is the hero of this campaign. May we all wish that Ram Rajya should also be started in our country, where everyone gets the right to live with human rights and honor.
  10. If all my people are familiar, that is where I am reading this tweet, then I appeal to all of them to participate in this festival of joy from their home.
  11. I would request all religious people apart from Hindus of India that this is a moment of peace and joy for all. This will be the beginning of unity in India. "Ek Sadvipra Bahudha Vaddanti" means, Truth is one, which scholars call by various names.
  12. Therefore, every constitution has respect and respect, that is what our constitution says. The Supreme Court has confirmed this on November 9, 2019.



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