Rakhi will have to tie the accused to the victim of molestation, the High Court has given the condition with grant of bail | The first condition for the bail is that the woman, who was molested, get Rakhi tied at home and gift her children.

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  • Rakhi Will Have To Tie The Accused To The Victim Of Molestation, The High Court Has Given The Condition With Grant Of Bail

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Indore bench of MP High Court heard the bail application of the molestation accused. – File photo.

  • The High Court said – the woman's child will also have to get clothes worth Rs 5000
  • 11 thousand rupees will have to be gifted with tying Rakhi to the victim of molestation

The Indore bench of the High Court laid down a unique condition for granting bail to a man accused of molesting a woman. The High Court said in the first condition that the woman with whom the accused molested, will go to her house to get Rakhi tied. The woman's children will also have to give gifts.

A case of molestation was filed against Vikram Bagri in April. The accused entered and molested a woman's house. The victim's family had filed a case against Vikram. The accused filed a bail application in the Indore bench of the High Court.

After hearing the case, the High Court said in the bail order that on August 3, on the day of Rakhi, he will accompany his wife to the victim's house. Will urge the woman to accept him as a brother. Promise the woman that she will protect her life. With the rakhi tied, he should give 11 thousand rupees to the woman and also take sweets with her.

On August 3, he must follow this condition. To fulfill the condition, photographs and receipt of payment given to the woman will have to be submitted to the court.

The liquor vendors were asked to bail – first donate sanitizer and mask
Earlier in July, the Indore bench had imposed a unique condition for granting bail to two accused arrested for illegal sale of liquor. The High Court had asked the accused that if they want bail, then donate alcohol-based sanitizer and mask of high quality, only then bail will be available.

Police in Dhar district arrested two accused named Saroj Rajput and Ramkrishna Nagar under the Excise Act. The accused were carrying 51 liters illegally from Nagda to Indore. Judge Vivek Rousia ordered after the hearing that if both the accused donate 5-5 liters of good quality sanitizer and 200-200 masks to the district hospital Dhar, they will be given bail of 40-40 thousand rupees in the district court and the same Bail will be granted if the bond is presented.

The Gwalior bench had conditioned to install the Arogya Setu App for bail.
The Gwalior Bench of the High Court has provided relief to the accused in bail cases on the condition of planting saplings, going to the hospital and even depositing money in an app like Veer of India. Siyaju Dubey of Datia was given the benefit of bail on the condition of installing a personal bond of 50 thousand and the installation of the Arogya Setu app.

At the same time, Rekha Bai, a resident of Lateri in Vidisha district, was also given the benefit of bail on these conditions. In another case, Rahul Lodhi of Gwalior was granted bail on condition of installing this app among other conditions.


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