Rajya Sabha elections: Samajwadi party targets BSP Chief Mayawati for her statement – Samajwadi Party taunts Mayawati

SP has retaliated by the statement of BSP supremo Mayawati (File photo)

Special things

  • RS statement about defeating the SP candidate in the election
  • Mayawati had said, ready to support BJP for this
  • SP said, Mayawati’s nexus with BJP proved by statement


The Samajwadi Party (SP) has supported even the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to defeat the SP candidates in the Rajya Sabha elections. BSP chief Mayawati (BSP Chief Mayawati) has said that this has proved that Mayawati is already in alliance with the BJP. It is a confession that he had already colluded with BJP. He said that due to this internal agreement with BJP, Mayawati fielded her candidate despite not having enough strength in the assembly and now saying that to defeat SP in Rajya Sabha elections But she can support even the BJP, the BSP chief has opened her own poll.

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Chaudhary said that the BSP, which has only 18 MLAs, now has only 10–11 MLAs in the Assembly, whereas the support of 38 MLAs is necessary to win one candidate in Rajya Sabha. Despite this, Mayawati made Ramji Lal Gautam the candidate. Before doing so, he did not seek support from any opposition party. On the other hand, the BJP fielded eight candidates despite being in a position to win nine seats. At the same time, it was evident that Mayawati had already colluded with BJP.

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Significantly, Mayawati targeted the SP in a conversation with reporters on Thursday amid speculation of some of her MLAs changing their ground and said that her party will leave no stone unturned to defeat the SP candidates in the future Legislative Council and Rajya Sabha elections. If needed, will give support to the candidate of BJP or any other party. Seven MLAs of the BSP, which had 18 MLAs in Uttar Pradesh’s 403-member assembly, rebelled against Rajya Sabha candidate Ramji Lal Gautam on Wednesday. Party chief Mayawati suspended seven rebel MLAs of her party. These MLAs opposed the nomination of party candidate Ramji Gautam for the Rajya Sabha elections.

BSP supremo Mayawati angry over rebellion of 7 MLAs

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