Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu rejected the conduct of the opposition leaders – believe me otherwise the attitude is not acceptable: Naidu said on boycott of opposition

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Naidu appealed to the leaders of the opposition to reconsider their decision to boycott the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha and take part in the discussion going on in the House. He rejected the opposition's allegations that during the passage of two farm bills, the demand of members of the division of votes was not taken into consideration.

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He said, "Democracy means to debate, discuss and decide and not to create disturbance." Naidu said that Asan wants to run the House with full participation of members. He said, "If some people think," Believe me, otherwise get lost "… then it cannot go on …. I will not accept it. You have the numbers, you should stay in your seat, demand division.

Chairman Naidu said that during the opposition uproar on the agricultural bills on Sunday, Deputy Chairman Harivansh appealed to the members 13 times to go to their seats and participate in the discussion. He said that it is clear from the record of the proceedings that the Deputy Chairman repeatedly asked the committing members to go to their place and after that he will allow the division of votes.

Naidu said that he is not happy with the suspension of the committing members, but the action against the members is about their conduct. He said that this is not the first time that members in the House have been suspended. There are many such examples in the past.

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He said the opposition's objection to the passage of agricultural bills in an uproar, that this was not the first time that the bills were passed in an uproar. Earlier, 15 bills were passed in the house in an uproar. Referring to the no-confidence motion of the opposition against Deputy Speaker Harivansh, Naidu once again said that it was not in the proper format and not even the required 14 days notice was given for it.

During the passage of the bill related to agriculture in the upper house on Sunday, members of the opposition created a lot of uproar. The government on Monday proposed a suspension of Trinamool Congress' Derek O'Brien, Dola Sen, CPI-M's Elamaram Karim, KK Ragesh, AAP's Sanjay Singh, Congress's Rajeev Satav, Syed Nazir Hussain and Ripun Bora for the remainder of the session. Passed by voice vote.

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