Rajendra Singh Interview To Dainik NewsBust India | Chirag Paswan Party LJP Dinara Candidate Speaks On Bihar Vidhan Sabha Election 2020 | It is difficult to remove BJP from my blood, what will happen after the election… How can I tell now: LJP candidate Rajendra Singh

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  • Rajendra Singh Interview To Dainik NewsBust India | Chirag Paswan Party LJP Dinara Candidate Speaks on Bihar Vidhan Sabha Election 2020

Patna21 minutes agoAuthor: Vikas Kumar

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  • Rajendra Singh is LJP candidate from Dinara seat of Rohtas district, he was in BJP for last 37 years
  • Rajendra had last contested on a BJP ticket from here, but lost to Jaduoy’s Jai Kumar Singh by 2,691 votes.

On 17 October, NewsBust India had told how BJP-Sanghis are engaged more than LJP for LJP candidate Rajendra Singh in Dinara, listen to him today- “I did not give the seat I worked on to JDU. Still fighting over the LJP banner, no further details. ” Here too, it is not difficult to understand the future of BJP-LJP-JDU. Why and what he said, 37-year-old Sanghi Rajendra Singh of BJP… complete interview.

Question: You were in BJP for 37 years. Was the party’s vice president in the state. In the last assembly election, AAP was one of the contenders for the post of Chief Minister. How did your seat go to JDU this time?
This seat has gone to JDU due to the agreement under the alliance, but we have been active in this area continuously for the last five years. Doing service work. We have provided employment to 6 thousand people in this assembly seat. The work of building the national highway through struggle, which you must have come from. Worked for the farmers to get the right price for their paddy. Farmer’s paddy should be purchased from the field. Should buy from the barn. The paddy of the farmer should get a fair price.

Recently, when the area was flooded, we went to the office of the Block Development Officer with a burden on our head to open the government’s sleep. During the lockdown, we called thousands of people trapped outside. In the floods in North Bihar, the work of sending 400 quintal food items under the banner of Bharatiya Janata Party. When people were in their house in Corona, we went out and worked.

Question: My question was the same. You did so much work, yet why did your seat go to JDU? Why did a senior leader like you have to change the party for the ticket?
Why they did not get the ticket, they will tell who had to give it. My business is not there. Why didn’t they give Seats are interchangeable in the agreement. I was told that there is a formula for seating, but that too changes. Even after knowing everything how active I am. I am working Even after that my seat was not changed. I do not understand why my seat was given to JDU even after knowing everything? I still think that should have changed.

Question: Now the party has expelled you for 6 years?
That is the constitution of the party. We have broken it. Going out of the party line and contesting elections, this was bound to happen. This is not a new job.

Question: Your workers are saying that after winning the election you will join BJP again. Anyway, there is no difference between LJP and BJP. What would you say on this whisper?
It is very difficult to say what will happen next and what will not happen. But, right now we are contesting under the banner of Lok Janshakti Party. People are fighting due to pressure from people and activists here.

Question: During the election, changing the party of leaders has become a common thing. You are a Sanghi. Was it easy to decide whether the party and the ideology to which they gave their all, should be contested against or against?
Look, I have not decided yet.

Question: Have you taken a ticket from LJP?
I mean those whom I fought for five years. Those who have been involved in happiness and sorrow, they have decided and I have to come because of them.

Question: Just like you claim that you have worked hard in this field in the last five years, you could have also contested as an Independent. Why choose LJP?
All people say. I chose LJP only after the activists said. This was not my personal decision.

Question: There is a discussion on social media that even though you are contesting elections under the banner of LJP, but have not left the BJP. The reason is your Facebook page, which is still assuring you of being in the BJP. What is the reason that LJP has not been present there yet?
(Stuttering and laughing) Oh no-no. We have just come to the election process. Today, our first video-audio has been made. Things will happen slowly. Things will change. Not all happens in a day.

Question: By not making all these changes, are you keeping a way to go back to BJP after the election?
What is the resolution right now. I have not left the ideology. We have not left the Ram Janmabhoomi. We have not left the temple. Well, it is not needed, but we will always talk about Section 370. Will always talk about Hindutva. We will continue to speak on the problem of this country. Will always be with nationalist forces.

Question: According to you, the leader of BJP at the national level is Narendra Modi.
Are and always will be.

Question: There is a Modi in Bihar too. Sushil Kumar Modi. Do you consider him a big BJP leader in Bihar?
Narendra Modi ji is a big leader of the country. All the world’s leaders are dwarfed in front of them.

Question: I have asked about Sushil Modi ji?
(Smiling) I am talking about Narendra Modi.

Question: Do you believe that Sushil Kumar Modi has any trick behind his seat going to JDU?
We are not talking about anyone. We have no complaints with anyone. They themselves decide whose fault it is.

Question: Are LJP activists and leaders with you? I see more local BJP leaders and workers supporting you?
You haven’t seen yet There were thousands of LJP activists here. Still the LJP district president is sitting next to me. Now if I have a defect in my vision, what should I do? I have nothing to blame in this.

Question: Are the local BJP workers here in your support or not?
answer: Come…?

Question: Whether BJP leaders are activists in support of Rajendra Singh?
answer: See… someone we separated from the BJP… will be separated from the BJP in a day… Will someone change my blood? Will someone change my jeans? So far, in which 37 years have been lost by wandering, will that change anyone? So these things do not change. it is what it is. Right now, they are doing the symbol they are contesting.

Question: Your workers are calling you Saryu Rai of Bihar. If he came out of the party, he did not go to the party again?
answer: Our fight is not that. Our fight is the development of Dinara. Here is the development of the people. Our fight is not individualistic. Our fight is a fight of two and a half million voters of Dinara. Fighting for them, not fighting for themselves.

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