Rajasthan Politics Sachin Pilot Is In Delhi BSP MLA Warns Ashok Gehlot Govt

In such a situation, all eyes are now on whether Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot will expand his cabinet to pacify the dissatisfied MLAs.

After Jyotiraditya and Jitin’s ‘Exit’, will Sachin Pilot now… questions raised on social media

Rajendra Guda, one of the 6 MLAs who joined the Congress from BSP, has said that if he had not been there, the Gehlot government would not have survived last year. Clearly, the discussions about the expansion of the Gehlot cabinet are intensifying due to dissatisfaction in the party. It seems that now everyone is asking for their share.

Rajendra Guda said, ‘There is not much math in this. About 11 months ago today, some MLAs had left the Congress and had not been there for 10 plus us, then the preparations for the first death anniversary of the government would have been done. Cabinet is a matter of Chief Minister’s jurisdiction. The kind of talk going on in Delhi, what will happen to the loyalists, where will they go.

Let us inform that even after 11 months, the people of the Sachin Pilot camp have not got a place in the cabinet and political appointments have not been made. He is in Delhi to resolve the same issue, while after his revolt, in October last year, Kumar Vishwas’s wife Dr Manju Sharma got a place in the Rajasthan Public Service Commission and in December of the same year, Sheetal Dhankar, who was a member of Bengal’s Information Commission. The niece of Governor Jagdeep Dhankar and daughter of Congressman Randeep Dhankar, was appointed.

Outcry from Corona in Rajasthan, Group of Ministers will go to Delhi to increase the quota of oxygen and medicines

On the question of why the cabinet reshuffle has not happened till now, the Gehlot government’s argument is to deal with Corona first, after that it will be considered. State Minister Pratap Singh Khachariawas said, ‘All these appointments have been delayed in the middle of Corona. Cabinet expansion is the right of the Chief Minister. Right now the public only cares about how our lives will be saved in Corona.

Pilot supporters are no longer in a mood to calm down. He has made public the complaint of phone tapping from not working. Chaksu MLA Prakash Solanki said, “Many MLAs have said that their phones are being tapped and said that an attempt is being made to intimidate them. They also fear that with the help of ACB there may be an attempt to trap them.

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