Rajasthan grooms dad fined Rs 6.26 lakh for violating COVID-19 rules during marriage Ceremony – Corona spread due to negligence in marriage, the groom's father was given notice of recovery of more than 6 lakhs and …


Guidelines issued to prevent corona were not followed at the ceremony


Covid19 Pandemic: The Bhilwara administration of Rajasthan is in a strict mood to control the epidemic of corona virus. Under this, strict action is being taken against those who have been negligent in following the guidelines issued to prevent corona. The administration, headed by Collector Rajendra Bhatt, has launched a campaign against such careless people. As part of this campaign, Collector Bhatt not only registered a case in police for defying the rules in a Marriag e Ceremony but also issued a notice of recovery of Rs 6 lakh 26 thousand 6 hundred against the father of the groom. This is probably the first case in the country to issue notice for the recovery of such a large amount.

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On 13 June in Bhilwara city of Rajasthan, Ghisulal Rathi, who lives in Bhadada Mauhalli, married his son Rizul. The rules of Mask and Social Distancing were not followed in the marriage program. Not only this, more than 50 guests were also invited to the wedding ceremony in defiance of the official guidelines. Due to this negligence, the corona infection spread in the marriage, due to which the groom, 16 family members including the groom's father became corona positive and 58 people had to quarantine. Of these, the groom's grandfather died due to corona virus. Taking a strict stand on this matter, the District Collector has fined them for the amount spent in the treatment, ambulance, food and living expenses of quarantine and infected patients.


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