Rajasthan Crisis: Sometimes silence is louder than words, says Union Minister on Vasundhara Raje – Why is former CM Vasundhara Raje silent on Rajasthan crisis? Union Minister gave this answer …

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Ashok Gehlot told PM Modi on Rajasthan crisis – 'Stop this spectacle'

Shekhawat defeated Gehlot's son Vaibhav Gehlot in the last Lok Sabha elections with a margin of more than 2.74 lakh votes. Shekhawat said that the BJP has nothing to do with the political developments in Rajasthan and this is an internal battle of the Congress, which includes the Chief Minister and his former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot. He said, 'This drama is going on in the state because he wants to show (Gehlot) Sachin (Pilot) and others out of the party. They are blaming the BJP for this entire crisis and trying to tarnish the image of its leadership.

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Asked about Vasundhara's silence on the ongoing political crisis in Rajasthan, Shekhawat said, "Vasundhara's silence can be a strategy and sometimes silence resonates more than words." However, he refused to explain it. When the fight between Gehlot and Pilot became public, Vasundhara kept silence even while the state BJP leaders were constantly speaking on this issue and attacking the Congress. Vasundhara has been the chief minister of the state twice.

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On this whole incident, Raje tweeted something and said that some people are creating confusion about the political developments in the state. He stressed that she stands with the party and its ideology. His response came when Hanuman Beniwal, MP from Nagaur and Convenor of the National Democratic Party, accused him of 'inner connivance' with Gehlot. Beniwal has been a very critical critic of Vasundhara. Before the assembly elections in 2018, he left the BJP and formed a new party.

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In 2018, differences had emerged between Vasundhara and the BJP's central leadership over the appointment of the Rajasthan BJP president. After a delay of more than two months, the name of Madan Lal Saini was agreed as the state president. Vasundhara was appointed as the BJP's national vice-president after the party's defeat in the last state assembly elections. Shekhawat alleged that the Chief Minister's taking of MLAs to Jaisalmer shows that he does not trust his MLAs and the government is in a minority. He claimed that after the Congress came to power in the state in 2018, there was a 'straight tear' in the state government.

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He said, 'When the Chief Minister himself said that he has not had any conversation with Sachin in a year and a half, then this situation automatically tells the whole story.' Union Waterpower Minister Shekhawat said, 'Taking MLAs to a fort in Jaisalmer clearly shows that the Chief Minister does not trust his MLAs. Instead of finding a solution to the Corona crisis, he is struggling to fix his house. The current situation also shows that the government is in a minority. He said that the unfortunate fact is that the innocent people of the state have to bear the brunt due to the infighting of the Congress.

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