Raj Thackeray Update | MNS Chief Attacks On Uddhav Thackeray Government Over Coronavirus Outbreak And Cases | Raj Thackeray said- Corona increased due to outsiders, due to them people of Maharashtra are imprisoned at home


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Mumbai32 minutes ago

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During a press conference, Raj Thackeray said- Yesterday I called the Chief Minister. Wanted to meet him, but he could not meet because of Corona.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray came to the media on Tuesday to target the Uddhav government, which is surrounded by rising cases of corona infection, antilia case and recovery. During this, he said that the government has deviated from the original issue. It should be investigated that on whose insistence Sachin Vazh outside Antilia kept explosives. He blamed people coming from outside for the growing cases of Corona. He said that the people of Maharashtra are locked in the house because of the people of the outer state.

During the press conference, Raj Thackeray said- Yesterday I called the Chief Minister. Wanted to meet them. But, he pointed out that the people around him are Corona positive, they are also quarantine themselves, after which the Zoom app was able to talk.

Who should put Scorpio outside Antilia should be investigated
On the resignation of Anil Deshmukh, Raj Thackeray said that if there are exploits, then there will be resignation, but this is not the original issue. Anil Deshmukh is not an important subject for me. Police put explosive issue outside Mukesh Ambani’s house, on whom did he say? The police do not do such work without any permission. The main issue is who put the gelatin cart. He said that it is not that this recovery did not happen earlier. If former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh had not been transferred, would he have brought this secret out?

Government has deviated from the original issue
In the meantime, he gave the example of a singer who was singing in which he was lost after that. Tan went so long that he forgot which song he was singing. The basic issue is missing in making a different tone. Sushant committed suicide, went to Arnab Goswami in jail. There are many more such examples. It is not yet known that the kingdom has come in the hands of Uddhav Thackeray that the burden of the state has come on his head.

Corona increased in the state due to outsiders
Speaking on the growing transition of the corona, Raj Thackeray said that the wave of corona which had come last time, now a bigger wave has come. Maharashtra is an industrial state, so the number of people coming from outside here is high. We have just seen that there is an election in West Bengal, there is congestion but there is no corona. It seems that only Maharashtra has a corona, because people come here more from other states. Another thing is that there is not much testing in other states, then the data will come when testing will be done.

People of Maharashtra are at home because of outside people
Raj Thackeray said that now the state government should make the testing of people coming from outside mandatory. Anyone comes, anybody goes, due to this the citizens of Maharashtra have to stay at home. Due to this, the students, traders and other businessmen have to face problems. Today is corona, tomorrow some other disease may come, so things like testing and health checkup of those coming from outside should be regular and mandatory.

Stop the strictness of banks, forgive the electricity bill
Raj Thackeray said that strict action is being taken to collect EMI on behalf of banks, this is not right. It is fine that the EMI of the bank should be filled at the right time, but only if there is money, will you not? Instruct the state government banks to remove the strictness. It is also important to give relief to the people regarding the electricity bill.

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