Rahul Gandhi Updates | Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi Says Why is China praising PM Narendra Modi during conflict | Rahul asked- Why is the media of China who killed our soldiers, who took our land, is praising Modi?

  • Former Congress president asked questions, citing newspaper report
  • Manmohan Singh has also advised Modi to give a thoughtful statement.

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Jun 22, 2020, 07:13 PM IST

new Delhi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has once again questioned Prime Minister Modi after violent clashes in the Galvan Valley by soldiers from India and China. He said why the Chinese media is praising PM Modi?

Citing a news report, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, "China killed our soldiers. China took our land. Then why is China praising our Prime Minister?" He cited reports published in Chinese newspapers on the PM's statement in an all-party meeting.

Manmohan Singh also advised to give a thoughtful statement

On Monday, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should give a thoughtful statement on the issue of security, strategy and boundaries of the country. They should be careful what will affect their talk in these cases.

However, the Prime Minister's Office on Saturday clarified that the rumor is being spread by misrepresenting Modi's statement. He said about the June 15 clash that Chinese soldiers could not infiltrate that day because of the bravery of our soldiers.

Rahul said- Modi is really surrender Modi
Rahul tweeted on Sunday, "Narendra Modi is indeed" Surrender Modi ". However, Spelling went wrong in writing the word Surrender. After this, Twitter users started making fun of him.
Rahul also tweeted on Saturday that Prime Minister Modi should surrender to China. Rahul also asked that if the land belonged to China, then why did Indian soldiers have to be martyred?

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