Rahul Gandhi Twitter Reaction Price Hike India Dig Modi Government – Development of inflation, Rahul Gandhi tightened up on Modi government over rising prices


Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi government through Twitter

New Delhi:

Dearness (Price Hike) Former Congress president about Rahul Gandhi Constant Modi Government Are encircling On Saturday, he once again questioned the Narendra Modi government on this issue. Rahul Gandhi tightened the headlines by putting some newspaper headlines on his Twitter account, the development of inflation. In the picture shared by Rahul Gandhi, public is being worried about inflation. The picture reads, “Inflation hit, kitchen budget fire”, “Inflation: increase in diesel prices affected the arrival of goods, prices of vegetables increased”, “Inflation spoiled the budget of common man”, ” People are troubled by rising inflation “and” along with Corona, people are now struggling with inflation “.

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Let us know that the prices of petrol and diesel (Fuel Price Hike) have been recorded for the 12th consecutive day. The effect of which is being seen on other things as well. After the increase, petrol in the national capital Delhi has gone beyond Rs 90.50 per liter. This is the highest level till now. Fuel prices in Delhi have increased from 37 paise to 39 paise. According to oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation, petrol in Delhi increased by 39 paise to Rs 90.58 per liter, while diesel rose 37 paise to Rs 80.97 per liter.


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On the other hand, the Congress is demonstrating in other parts of the country about inflation. Congress workers staged a protest in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur when petrol and diesel prices rose. Minister Pratap Singh Khachariwas said, “Congress workers are marching everywhere. The subsidy for gas cylinders is over and the prices of petrol and diesel are being continuously increased.”


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