Rahul Gandhi targets government on No Vaccine for All Ages Anytime Soon comment


Rahul wrote, ‘Every Indian deserves the opportunity to live a safe life.’

new Delhi:

From central government Vaccination for every age group After being denied at present, Rahul Gandhi has targeted him by tweeting. Congress leader Rahul wrote in his tweet, ‘Every Indian deserves the opportunity to live a safe life.’ In his tweet, he wrote, ‘The debate about need and desire is laughable. Every Indian deserves the opportunity to live a safe life.’ In fact, Kerala’s Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi in his tweet earlier asked everyone to wear masks and Corona appealed to follow the guidelines. He made this appeal after the Corona cases had increased in the country.

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In a press conference held on Tuesday, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan had said that there has been a lot of discussion in the world, so whenever Vaccination takes place, its first objective is to save people from death and The second healthcare system has to be repaired. Vaccines are being given in India, America, UK all over the country for two purposes. Anyone who needs it is vaccinated. Bhushan said that even today the vaccine has not been opened for everyone in the UK. In America, the vaccine has been given according to age. It was also said in France that people above 50 years who are under risk will be given vaccine. He said this in response to a question asked to vaccinate every age group.

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Significantly, the havoc of coronavirus has reached new heights in the country. On Wednesday, more than 1 lakh 15 cases of corona infection have been reported. According to the data released by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday morning, 115,736 new cases of Kovid infection have been registered in 24 hours, after which the total number of infected have increased to 12,801,785. At the same time, 630 patients have died and the death toll has risen to 1,66,177. At present, the number of active patients of Corona has increased to 8 lakh 43 thousand 473 at present, which is 6.59 percent of the total cases. According to the Union Health Ministry, the number of active patients has increased by 55,250 in the last 24 hours.


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