Rahul gandhi targets BJP government, Tweets a video of Corona Warriors – Rahul Gandhi videoed Corona Warriors tweet, said- unjust BJP government …


Rahul Gandhi tweeted a video of Corona Warriors

new Delhi:

Covid-19 Vaccine: Congress Former President Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) has targeted the government on the use of force by the police during the house given by health workers for their rightful job. Rahul has tweeted a video of Madhya Pradesh on this issue in which the police are seen using force against the Corona Warriors sitting on the dharna. Rahul wrote in his tweet, ‘This kind of ruthlessness on Corona Warriors is just because they were protesting for their rightful job! Disgusting demonstration of the administrative power of the unjust BJP government. It is worth noting that during the Corona Pandemic in the country, ‘Corona Warriors’ have shown a great sense of control in controlling the situation and the whole country has appreciated their service.

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Significantly, this tweet of Rahul Gandhi has come on the day that PM Narendra Modi held an all-party meeting regarding the Corona vaccine. In this meeting, the PM informed the leaders of the opposition parties about the situation regarding the corona vaccine. In the all-party meeting, the PM said that we are on the threshold of getting the Covid-19 Vaccine. He told that this vaccine will be given first to the health worker, doctors and patients. It is believed that the vaccine of Kovid-19 will be prepared in the next few weeks.

The PM said that there are about eight such vaccines in the country whose trials are on different stages. Currently, three different vaccine trials in India are in different stages. The PM said that the Central and State Governments are working together for vaccine distribution of Kovid-19 and for this the system of cold chain in the country is being strengthened further.


Corona vaccine will be ready in a few weeks: PM Modi


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