Rahul Gandhi said congress has to win by a two thirds majority to stay strong, if wins by margin it is a loss, because BJP just buys people | Congress leader said in Tamil Nadu – Two-third majority required for Congress to stay, because BJP buys people

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  • Rahul Gandhi Said Congress Has To Win By A Two Thirds Majority To Stay Strong, If Wins By Margin It Is A Loss, Because BJP Just Buys People

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Rahul arrived on a 3-day Tamil Nadu tour on Saturday. He said in an event that if Congress wins only 10-15 seats, then it will be a reverse loss, because BJP buys people.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached the Tamil Nadu round on Saturday for three days. He targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP and RSS at an event at VOC College in Tuticorin. During this time, the pain and fear of Rahul’s Congress governments falling in many states also came to the fore.

Rahul said that the Congress would have to win by a two-thirds majority to stay strong. If you win 10-15 seats, it will not be a victory but a loss of the party, because the BJP buys people (MLAs). We are facing this situation. This is what we saw in Madhya Pradesh. It was also tried in Rajasthan. It is being tried in Jharkhand. Rahul said that our MLAs in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were aware of the big money offer.

Rahul said- I am honest, therefore BJP cannot pressurize
The Congress leader said, ‘I have been honest throughout my political career, so ED and CBI cannot even touch me. This is the reason that BJP keeps attacking me day and night. He is aware of my honesty, so is not able to put pressure on me. ‘

‘The judges who give the verdict of the government’s will get high positions’
The Congress leader also said that in the last 6 years, BJP and RSS have targeted or infiltrated all institutions, including the judiciary. Rahul accused the Modi government that many such instances have come to the fore that judges who gave the verdict of the government were given higher positions.

‘Prime Minister is scared of China’
Rahul also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of China. Rahul accused Modi that he is scared of China. The Congress leader said that Modi’s first reaction to China’s incursion was that no one had infiltrated into India. This gave a signal to China that the Prime Minister of India is afraid of him. They understood this and started bargaining.

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