Rahul Gandhi Fulfil Kids Dream in 24 Hours Bollywood Producer Parvez Numarry Reaction On It


Parvez Numarry commented on Rahul Gandhi

Special things

  • Rahul Gandhi fulfills child’s dream in 24 hours
  • Bollywood producer Parvez Numari commented
  • Rahul Gandhi’s tweet went viral

new Delhi:

Rahul Gandhi made the dream of a 9-year-old child come true. The child wanted to become a pilot and at the age of 9, his dream was fulfilled by Rahul Gandhi. Actually, during the election campaign, Rahul Gandhi met a 9-year-old child at the tea shop. He asked the child there what his dream was. On this, the child said that he wants to grow up and become a pilot. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi fulfilled the child’s dream within just 24 hours. The video related to this is also going viral on social media, about which Bollywood producer Parvez Numarry has also commented.

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Rahul Gandhi has shared this video with his Instagram account, which has so far been viewed more than 1 lakh 76 thousand times. Sharing this video, Rahul Gandhi wrote, “No dream grows too big. We have taken the first step to make Advaita’s dream come true. Now it is our duty to create such a society, create such a structure , Which gives him the opportunity to fly. ” Commenting on his video, Bollywood producer Parvez Numarry wrote, “Rahul Gandhi for PM. The next Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi …”


It is seen in the video of Rahul Gandhi that he was talking with the child. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi asked the child about his dreams. To this, Rahul Gandhi said, “I want to fly and I want to dream of becoming a pilot.” To fulfill this dream of the child, Rahul Gandhi arranged to take the child and his father in the cockpit of the chartered flight. While the female pilot is seen flying on the plane on one side, Rahul Gandhi is seen explaining to the child about the things related to the plane.


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