Rahul Gandhi Attacks BJP Govt Over Coronavirus – Rahul Gandhi's War: In the Corona era, the BJP government cooked one to one casserole, but there was also a truth …


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

new Delhi:

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once again targeted the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi said that during the CoronaVirus, the BJP government cooked one empty casserole. He has mentioned the package of 'Defeating Corona in 21 days', Arogya Setu App, 20 lakh crore. Rahul Gandhi wrote in tweet, "BJP government (BJP Govt) cooked one to one casserole in Corona era: will beat Corona in 21 days, Arogya Setu app will protect, package of 20 lakh crores, be self-reliant, No one has entered the border, the situation has become stable. But there was also one truth: 'opportunity' #PMCares' in disaster.

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Earlier on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi had said on Tuesday that not everyone had seen the death of the workers, but the government was not informed about the lack of data related to the death of the workers during the lockdown. He tweeted, "Modi government does not know how many migrant laborers died in lockdown and how many jobs went." He shouted in a shirana style, "You didn't count, didn't you die?" Yes, but the government is unhappy, they have seen their death, there is a Modi government, which has not been reported.

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Significantly, in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, Labor and Employment Minister Santosh Gangwar has said that the data regarding the workers killed during the lockdown is not available with the government. Sangeeta Kumari Singh Dev, Bhola Singh, Kalanithi Veeraswamy and some other members had questioned whether thousands of laborers died during the lockdown and if so, give details of it.

Rahul Gandhi said on the statement 'Death toll of workers' – If the government did not count, then did not death happen?

Video: Parental death during lockdown, children waiting for government help


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