Rahul Gandhi asks for vaccine to need and halt in export in a letter to PM Modi


Rahul Gandhi has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi regarding vaccination

Special things

  • Said, if the Corona case increases, there will be an adverse effect on the economy
  • Vaccination program in India is running very slow
  • The pace of development of other vaccines should also be accelerated.

New Delhi:

Corona infection in the country Mounting cases Between, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) Has written a letter to Anticipating the adverse impact on the economy from the situation at which the corona case has grown at this pace, he has requested in the letter that the corona vaccination should be for everyone as per the need. The Congress leader has urged the government to speed up the availability of other vaccines. In his letter to the PM, Rahul wrote, “Our vaccination program will have to move from the photo of one person on the certificate to the maximum vaccination guarantee.”

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He has written that due to poor implementation and negligence of the center, the efforts of the scientific community and vaccine manufacturers have been underestimated. In a letter to the PM, Rahul wrote, ‘India has lost the advantage of getting an early lead in vaccination and now we are growing at a very slow pace in it. In three months, we have been able to complete less than one percent of the population’s immunization. He has claimed that if vaccination continues at the current pace, it will take many years to vaccinate 75 percent of the population of the country. If this happens then it will have an adverse effect on the economy of the country.

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Congress MP wrote, ‘There is no clear reason why the government allowed the export of vaccine on a large scale. Our country is facing a shortage of vaccine and more than six crore vaccine doses have been exported. Rahul wrote, ‘State governments are constantly drawing attention to the lack of vaccine.’ He raised the question as to why the vaccine export was done to gain popularity while ignoring the people of the country. He also said that the export of vaccines should be banned immediately and other vaccines should be given immediate permission as per rules and guidelines. Vaccination should be arranged for those who need vaccines. He also urged the Prime Minister that the role of states in the purchase and distribution of vaccines should be increased and in this difficult time, financial assistance could be provided to the poorer sections. In a meeting with the CMs of the states on Thursday, while referring to the controversy of the center-state regarding vaccine, it was advised to avoid accusation in this regard.


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