rahil gandhi in conversation with indian nurses from abroad in fight against covid-19 – Rahul Gandhi talks with Indian nurses fighting Covid-19 abroad on Doctors Day


Rahul Gandhi interacted with Indian nurses living abroad.

Special things

  • Rahul talks to nurses on Doctors Day.
  • Connected with Indian nurses working abroad
  • Questions asked on their experience and problems

new Delhi:

Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi interacted with people of Indian origin who worked as nurses abroad on the occasion of 'Doctors Day'. He said that he is proud of these Indian nurses fighting Kovid-19 and they want to tell them that their country is also proud of them because they are the representatives of the country outside. Four people were associated with him in this video conference. Rahul asked him the experience of fighting against Kovid-19 abroad and wanted to know how he is managing in difficult times.

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He was joined in this conference by Anu Ragnat from New Zealand, Narendra Singh from Australia, Shirley Imol from UK and Vipin Krishnan from AIIMS Delhi. Rahul told him that 'we don't get a chance to say this, but you are the representative of our country. We are proud of this. Not only you but millions of siblings like you. Actually speaking to you is an honor for me.

Rahul asked him how it is being seen abroad, while how he is struggling with it. Everyone told that initially this disease was not taken very seriously considering it as flu, but later extra security was started in hospitals. At the same time, the outbreak in many countries has reduced to a great extent, such as Australia and New Zealand. When Rahul asked Vipin Krishnan, who was infected with Corona, about his experience, Vipin told that his wife has also been infected. Vipin said that the cases of corona are continuously increasing in our country, which is a matter of concern. There is also a difference in the practice of government and private hospitals here. Testing has also reduced. Dilemmas are arising in front of doctors regarding testing and treatment of patients.

Rahul Gandhi asked what lesson we should all learn from this epidemic, to which Narendra Singh said that we have to follow the Kovid-19 guidelines seriously, while Vipin Krishnan said that since Corona Warriors in the country have a way against this virus They are fighting the war, in which case they should put the government at risk and they should be given risk allowance.

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