Rafale jets will provide India major advantage in Tibet: BS Dhanoa – Rafale in Tibet will benefit India greatly in the event of war: former air force chief

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Last week 5 out of 36 Rafale jets have come to India. (File photo)

new Delhi:

Former Chief of Air Force Air Chief Marshal (Retd) BS Dhanoa said that in the event of any air conflict with China in the mountainous Tibet region, India will get strategic benefits from Rafale planes. He said that this fleet can be used in the area to its advantage and it will destroy the air defense of the enemy. Along with this, it will also neutralize ground-to-air missiles. Those who played a key role in the Balakot attack Dhanoa said the S-400 missile system With Rafale jet aircraft will give the Indian Air Force a big edge over the entire region and India's opponents will think twice before starting a war against it.

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He said that in the case of Pakistan, the purpose of S-400 and Rafael is to attack Pakistani aircraft inside Pakistani airspace and not when they come inside Indian territory. He said that if India had already had jet aircraft made in France, then the neighboring country would not have responded to Balakot on February 27 last year.

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Dhanoa said that Rafale, equipped with state-of-the-art electronic features, would be able to use the mountainous region of Tibet to its advantage and confuse the Indian warship before it could enter the enemy's airspace to complete its mission. The former Air Force chief also said that the Rafale aircraft being received by the Indian Air Force are much more advanced than those used by the French Air Force, as India did something 'more' due to the need to operate under special conditions like Leh. The need was stated.

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Dhanoa said that Rafael is able to use the area to his advantage and protect himself electronically. He said that in such a situation, Rafael can play an important role in destroying the air defense of the enemy and neutralizing the missiles from ground to air. He said that when surface-to-air missiles are fired, aircraft such as SU 30, Jaguar, even MiG-21 can go out and drop bombs on Chinese forces.

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Dhanoa, as the Chief of the Air Force, vigorously defended the Rafale deal when opposition parties attacked the government alleging massive irregularities in the deal. Top officers of the Air Force under Dhanoa's leadership were instrumental in the implementation of the deal. When asked about the comparison between Rafale and China's J-20 fighter jet, he said that Chinese aircraft are not going to be lost from sight and with their existing engines, those aircraft are not better than Indian aircraft.

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He said that French Rafale is 'much better' than the systems employed in Chinese J-20. Dhanoa retired as the Chief of the Indian Air Force on 30 September last year. He said that the force would gain a lot of strength with Rafael having two more squadrons.

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