Queues for Coronavirus Anti Viral Drug Remdesivir in Indore Madhya Pradesh Covid 19 Chhattisgarh


People looking forward to receiving Remedisvir are upset over the long queue. A person standing in the line said, ‘It has been 2 hours standing in the line. There is a line of 200 people. Father is admitted in Trauma Hospital. Only waiting for ejection for 3 days. There is no oxygen, no medicine, the people of Indore are standing in the market.

56286 new cases of Coronavirus in Maharashtra, more than 57 thousand deaths so far

A dose of six injections is usually administered to a serious patient. The problem of black marketing is that the wholesale price of injections ranging from Rs 750 to Rs 1400 is being collected in the market from Rs 1200 to Rs 6000. The Chief Minister had given strict instructions regarding the injection, but the effect is not visible.

On the other hand, there was a sudden panic in the Bundelkhand Medical College in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday due to lack of oxygen. 12 serious infants admitted to SNCU were immediately shifted to the district hospital.

Where are the serious patients in priority for corona vaccination?

After the death of 5 patients allegedly due to lack of oxygen at Madhav Nagar Hospital in Ujjain, the family of the infected patient raged so that Additional Collector Sujan Singh Rawat rushed to kill him.

The pictures of the fort were shocking. 20 corpses reached the morgue of the district hospital. If there was less space to keep in the freezer, then the dead bodies had to be kept near the wash basin, although the administration says the deaths have happened not only in the fort but also in the surrounding districts.

Chhattisgarh government requested for minimum age of 18 years for Corona vaccine, gave this argument

Durg collector Sarveshwar Bhure said, ‘Dead bodies also come here from the surrounding districts. The number of deaths from corona has increased. The family is not present in time, Kovid’s report remains awaited, so the body had come to Morchuri.

The danger of corona in both the states is that 10,310 new cases of corona were reported in Chhattisgarh on Wednesday and 53 people died, while in Madhya Pradesh 4,043 new cases were reported and 13 people died. However, in Madhya Pradesh and neighboring Chhattisgarh, the government is taking several measures to prevent infection, but clearly the pace is not stopping. People are careless, many have started looking for opportunities in disaster.

VIDEO: The risk of corona has not been avoided, carelessness will increase


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