Qatar Airways Staff to Defer Portion of Basic Salary

Qatar Airways has implemented what it calls a
‘Solidarity Programme’ that will see mid-level and above
Doha-based staff defer a portion of their basic salary.

For mid-level employees and above, the basic
monthly salary will be subject to a 50% deferral.

This temporary measure is expected to last for
three months, starting from April 2020.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, Mr.
Akbar Al Baker
(pictured), said, “The
company will credit salary back as soon as possible when
circumstances allow. Many other work groups overseas and across
all job levels have also offered to take voluntary salary
deferrals in solidarity with their colleagues, reinforcing the
fact that the Qatar Airways Group family is one who has the best
interests of each other and the airline at heart.

“I know many of our Qatar Airways employees have
left family and friends at home to commit to building this airline
with me and we will always do what is in the best interest of both
the business and our committed and hard-working staff, I could not
be more proud of our team who have worked incredibly hard to build
even greater trust with the travelling public.”

In the past several weeks, the airline has helped
repatriate over 45,000 passengers back home to France, 70,000 home
to Germany and over 100,000 customers back to the United Kingdom.
Working with governments and group travel companies around the
world, the airline operated over 90 charters and extra sector
flights taking home over 26,000 stranded travellers.

The demand to help get stranded travellers home
has also seen Qatar Airways operate flights to new destinations
such as Brisbane, Christchurch and Toronto.

The carrier continues to operate
approximately 60 scheduled flights a day to around 40 destinations
and is working closely with embassies across the globe to arrange
charters to repatriate stranded citizens.

Qatar Airways Cargo also continues to operate a
significant cargo schedule with almost 100 flights per day.

During the past month the cargo operator has
worked closely with governments and NGOs to transport over 70,000
tonnes of medical and aid supplies to impacted regions around the
world on both scheduled and charter services, the equivalent of
roughly 500 fully loaded Boeing 777 freighters. To continue to
fulfil demand the Group’s cargo division is also utilising
passenger aircraft to carry freight-only to destinations in China,
Europe, India and the Middle East.

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