Pushkar Rajasthan bharat tarachandani success story, Who owns five shops | In childhood, the father was an accident, distributed newspapers to run the house; Today owns five shops


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PushkarOne hour agoAuthor: Akshay Bajpai

Bharat Taranchadani, who hails from Ajmer, now has a large showroom in Pushkar. Along with this there are many shops.

Today we are going to tell you the story of Bharat Tarachandani of Ajmer. When Bharat was in the sixth grade, his father had an accident and he went to bed rest. Since then, the struggle of Bharata and his family had started. Today he owns five shops in Pushkar and has a turnover in crores. Know from them how they were able to do all this.

Bharat says, ‘Father was the only earner and suddenly his accident stopped earning. All our brothers and sisters were small. Mother could not understand that how will the maintenance of the family now? Days continued to worsen. Mother started sewing and weaving. The elder brother started going to the medical store. I started going to the grocery store. Used to distribute newspaper in the morning. Worked on STD PCO. We were doing every small and big work that could bring four paise to the house. For a few years the car of life continued to run like this.

He told that we come from Sindhi community. People in our community either do business or go abroad to earn money. Earlier it used to be like this. My elder brother got a chance to go to West Africa through a link. He started working there. We were repaying the loan from the money they sent. After four years, he came back and started working in Pushkar.

Bharat says, ‘I had finished 12th. I moved to Dubai with a contact from my maternal uncle and started working in a textile company there. I thought that everything would be fine as soon as we went to Dubai, but that did not happen. There I struggled a lot. Delivery of goods ranged from booking to lifting the carton. Worked there for five years.

Bharat says that it was decided long ago that I have to earn so much that my family should never look back.

The incentive scheme worked

He says, “When I came back to Ajmer, my elder brother said that we should do something now.” After all, how long will they continue to work for someone else. I borrowed three lakh rupees from a friend living in Gulf Country. The elder brother took some money from here and there and we took a shop in Pushkar on lease for 6 lakh rupees. Where there was a shop, there was no development at that time. Nearby shopkeepers were saying that even in the evening the birds are not seen, what customers will come. But I noticed that there are plenty of hotels and Dharamshala nearby. I hoped that customers would start coming when the clothes shop would open. I dared to open the shop there. ‘

Bharat said, ‘started giving five percent incentives to guides and drivers. The condition was that the more customers you bring to the shop, the more incentive you will get and will also give ten to fifteen percent discount to the customers. My scheme worked and the shop started getting crowded with customers. Tourists started coming in buses at my shop. The subscription started till 2 pm.

Showroom built by combining three shops

He says that after seeing all this, many traders around me started opening shops around my shop. Gradually the market developed. The same goods started being found everywhere. Then I felt that if I did not do anything big then I would not be able to progress in business. Therefore, whoever earned money, bought all the shops and bought two more. The three shops were merged and converted into showrooms. Since then, I and my family have not had to look back. Now we have five shops in Pushkar. The shop at which I sit has a turnover of over 10 million. We are employing ten to fifteen people. I have experienced that even if you do not get the luck you want, but what is your hard work, no one can snatch it from you.

Bharat said, ‘I have been fond of writing and reading since childhood. Earlier, due to helplessness, it could not work. Now I am also doing this with business. I am working on several scripts. Yes and the rule of getting up in the morning was five years ago, it is still today. Even today, I open the shop at half past eight-eight. Whatever it may be. ‘


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