Punjab finance minister Manpreet Singh Badal on municipal elections farm laws protest – Punjab finance minister said on agricultural laws – what will happen if the government retreats two steps?


Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal. (File photo)

New Delhi:

There will be assembly elections in Punjab next year (Punjab Assembly Elections 2022). The recently concluded civic elections are being seen as the semi-finals of power. Congress cleared BJP’s sweep in 7 municipal corporation elections in Punjab. Bathinda Municipal Corporation has come to the Congress account after 53 years. This defeat of BJP in Punjab is being seen by linking it with the Farmers Protest. State Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal (Manpreet Singh Badal) said in a conversation with NewsBust on the victory of the Congress that the election results were shocking. People of Punjab love the Congress. With the hope that people have voted for Congress, let us live up to their expectations.

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Manpreet Singh Badal said, ‘People of Punjab love the Congress party and object to Captain Amarinder Sahab. Complaints also become complaints. In the last 4 years we have tried to live up to their expectation. The farmer does not have much role in local elections. It is true that the BJP and the Akali Dal are broken due to the issue of farmers, but the farmer movement has no significant effect on this election. Popularity of Congress is still in Punjab. People are accepting this law as unfair. People of Punjab hate injustice.

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He further said, ‘People want these laws to be abolished. Some groups hate injustice and never give up. The farmers are saying that if the laws are not acceptable to us then you should talk to them. It is necessary to find a way out. It is also in India’s interest. Until these laws are over, I do not think this movement is going to end.
Government has to increase friends, enemies have to decrease. The government cares about its community. Farmers are now burning their crops. What will happen if the Indian government retreats two steps.

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Manpreet Badal said, ‘Pampering is necessary if Aulad is insisting. People do not have to be limited. It is not even in Punjab, it is a farmer of the whole of India. This has to be solved. We have brought Punjab back on track once again. States either increase income or reduce expenses, we have done both. In the budget, we will not get out of the foot sheet Punjab will once again become the moon of India’s forehead.

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