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Punjab Election: Arvind Kejriwal’s Five Guarantees To Woo Voters

By Shivani Kapoor - December 7, 2021

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Kejriwal said that Babasaheb Ambedkar got a degree in 64 subjects, here the condition of people gets worse in getting degree on one subject. Dr. Ambedkar had said the same thing that if our society has to be removed from backwardness, poverty is to be removed, if you want to give rights to your society, then give good education. If our children are educated, then poverty will be removed and we will move forward with all this. .

He said, “In 75 years, these leaders have ruined the raft of education by these parties. These people have deliberately buried the boat of education. They deliberately kept the government schools bad so that the children of poor Dalit and backward classes could not study. This class could never write their rights and they could not stand at par. A few days ago we talked about the schools of Punjab, Education of Punjab Pragat Singh and Chief Minister Channi said that there is no need to improve the schools of Punjab. These people He has no intention of improving your school. He will keep your school that way.”

Kejriwal further said, “If you vote for Congress, then your schools will remain like this. Children of poor will continue to get such dirty education. Just like 75 years kept our children backward, in the coming 5 years their intention is like this,” Pragat Singh And Channi sahib will keep illiterate.”

AAP leader said, SC brothers are being cheated again in Channi government. Amarinder Singh had brought a card last time. Was told that if our government comes, we will give you a job. Today people in Punjab are roaming around with cards. After coming Channi filled the forms of the plot of 5-5 floors. Lakhs of people filled the forms but not a single person got the plot. This is their condition before the election. Their intentions are bad, their intentions are bad.

Kejriwal said, “I tell Channi sahib or give plots to you people or we will give them after our government comes. Similarly, in the matter of government jobs, Channi sahib had said that we have confirmed 36 thousand people. From teachers to Group Four employees, but the reality is that not a single person has been confirmed. Don’t fall for their lies.”

Addressing the public meeting, he also announced five guarantee promises. Kejriwal said that tell me that there should be any such government in the whole country, which has given a check of one crore on the death of their SC brothers? I have given.

Five guarantees of Aam Aadmi Party for SC brotherhood :-

1. Guarantee of providing the best and free education to the children of the SC brotherhood.

2. If any child of the SC brotherhood wants to take coaching for any preparation, then after the formation of our government, the Punjab government will pay the fees of those children.

3. If any child of the SC brotherhood goes abroad for graduation or post graduation, then the Punjab government will pay its full expenses.

4. Anyone in your family will be ill, whether it is a minor disease or a major disease, whatever the operation may be, the Punjab government will give all the expenses.

5. If every woman in your family is above the age of 18 years, one thousand statues will be put in their account.

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