Punctured Lungs in Coronavirus COVID Patients; All You Need To Know In Simple Words | Understand from experts – what is the meaning of lung puncture in the coronary period and why should avoid applying reusable N95 mask?

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  • Punctured Lungs In Coronavirus COVID Patients; All You Need To Know In Simple Words

30 minutes ago

  • This happens when the corona Survivor pierces them due to increased pressure in the lungs.
  • Such cases have been seen in patients who are already struggling with asthma, tuberculosis or respiratory disease.

One out of every 100 Corona Survivors is experiencing lung puncture. In scientific language it is called pneumothorax. The answer to what is this and why is this happening Internal Medicine Expert Dr. Narendra Saini Has given Dr. Narendra says that there have been some cases of lung puncture in patients recovering from Kovid.

In some patients, it has been found that due to layer damage inside the lungs, air passes into the upper lung (plura). Cases of pneumothorax have been found in corona patients who already have asthma, TB, or shortness of breath.

Many times corona patients have respiratory distress syndrome, which makes breathing difficult. They breathe harder and the internal pressure increases. The pressure causes a hole in the lungs and air enters the plura. It is a dangerous disease. Breathing may also stop if not treated in time.

Avoid applying reusable N95 mask
These days the N95 mask is also being sold as being reusable. On this, Dr. Saini says that it is wrong, avoid buying it. There is no way yet to clean the N95 mask again. Homemade masks can be washed and re-used with water, but not the N95.

According to one study, after wearing it once, it was recommended to wear it back after 5 days. It said that if you are keeping masks, then wrap them in newspaper so that there is no moisture in it. Keep in mind, it is safe to use and washed N95, no scientific evidence has been found so far.

What is rechargeable mask

New types of masks are coming in the market these days. The rechargeable mask is now under discussion after Surgical, Disposal, N95. On how this mask works, Dr. Narendra says, this mask prevents germs in two ways. First, its pores are very small. This is called mechanical filtration. Second, there are electrostatic charges inside it, which attract germs to themselves and block them outside.

Such rechargeable masks are in discussion these days, but they are not yet in the Indian market.

In these, the electrostatic charge gradually dissipates. Masks in which this charge can be carried back are rechargeable masks. These have been made in the lab and have not come on the market.



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