Puducherry political crisis: Narayanasamy government falls, whal Oppositio leader Says on taking power – After the Narayanasamy government fell in Puducherry, the opposition said this on the issue of taking power …


The Congress-DMK coalition had fallen behind the majority mark of 14 in the 26-member assembly.

In Puducherry Congress losing power Hours after, NR Congress (NR Congress), the largest party here, has said that it has not submitted a claim to form the next government but is waiting for the invitation of the Deputy Governor. NR Congress chief N. Rangaswamy said, ‘I have not presented any claim to form the government. I only asked for a vote of confidence. All eyes are now on the opposition party which has a majority in the Puducherry Assembly. Earlier, this morning, the Narayanasamy-led Congress government (Congress government of V Narayanasamy) fell at a time when there is barely three months left for elections in the state.

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Puducherry’s Congress government lost majority, CM Narayanasamy resigns

The Congress-DMK alliance fell behind the majority mark of 14 in the 26-member assembly after six elections, out of which two legislators had their resignations on Sunday. In total, five Congress MLAs and one DMK MLA have resigned. Narayanasamy has accused BJP and NR Congress of conspiring to topple his government. The NR Congress chief, however, denied this in a conversation with NewsBust. He said that he will talk to his colleagues including BJP about the formation of the government which is going to be till May due to the proposed election.

Another state power comes out of the hands of Congress, Puducherry speaker said- ‘Government has lost majority’

He said, “If I get it from the Lt. Governor, I will talk to my colleagues and decide about it.” Asked whether he would lead the coalition government, Rangaswamy said, “I cannot say anything about this now, we will come to know about it only after talking to our coalition partners.” Accusing the Congress that the MLAs were lured through funds, Rangaswamy said, “His MLAs must have resigned because they did nothing during his rule.” They must be afraid that people will not give them a wait. Two Congress MLAs who have resigned have turned to the BJP, others can do the same.


Puducherry: CM Narayanasamy resigns, blames BJP


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