Proposal to bring stricter laws on Love Jihad in UP, Home Department prepared draft – Proposal to bring stricter laws on Love Jihad in UP, home department prepared draft


Love Jihad Cases: Yogi Adityanath announced to bring law during election


After the announcement of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh, the government department has started drafting a strong law on love jihad. UP’s home department has drafted such a draconian law on love jihad and sent it to the state law ministry. State government spokesperson confirmed this on Friday.

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This proposed law is allegedly linked to the conversion of women in the name of marriage, it is named after BJP leader Love Jihad. This proposal of UP Home Department has come after the recent announcement by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The Chief Minister had announced a stringent law on Love Jihad. UP Law Minister Brajesh Pathak said on Friday, the number of such cases has increased rapidly in the state, due to which social envy and disharmony has increased. Such incidents also tarnish the image of the state, hence stricter laws are the need of the hour. Pathak said that as soon as we get a proposal in this regard from the Home Department, we will take all necessary steps. Necessary preparations have already been made for this.

During the rallies in the Deoria and Jaunpur by-elections, Yogi Adityanath had said on October 31 that the government would soon come up with a new law to deal with the problem of love jihad. He had given a strict warning that whoever messes with the honor of sisters and daughters will be “Ram Naam Hai Satya”.

The UP Chief Minister has also welcomed the Allahabad High Court’s decision, which states that marriage cannot be the sole purpose of conversion. The Chief Minister said that whoever will be found involved in Love Jihad, their posters will be installed. The name of love jihad is often given by Muslim youths for allegedly luring or forcibly converting Hindu girls in the name of love.


Yogi Adityanath had said, we will make an effective law. Those who hide their name and identity and play with the prestige of our sisters and daughters, if they did not improve, a lesson will be taught. The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission gave a report last year recommending a new law to ban forced conversions. The Commission had said that the existing legal provisions are not able to stop it. Hence a new law should be introduced like other states.


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